All You Need to Know About Playtech Bet on Poker

Few games have been as influential as poker has. It enjoys global popularity because it combines two very important factors.It is easy to play, since you just need a deck of cards. It is also very fun, because you are trying to bluff that your hand is stronger than it actually is. Poker’s popularity has served it well when translated to a live casino setting, becoming a must-have title for operators.

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Given how many people enjoy poker, we were not surprised to see Playtech experimenting with the formula. However, their game is different compared to most other iterations. You are not facing off against a dealer or even other players. Instead, your goal is to predict which of the six poker hands will be the winning one. A simple concept, though it has a lot of depth once played seriously.

How to Play Bet on Poker

Every round of Playtech’s Bet on Poker is played with one fifty-two card deck. The deck is reshuffled at the beginning of every new round. During the initial betting period, you can place several wager types. You can bet on the main hand, combination hand and suits & colours hand odds. Before any cards are dealt, all wagers offer an initial winning combination. After cards are dealt, the payouts will change to reflect the odds of those hands winning.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to place a bet during that initial stage. After the initial betting stage, the dealer will draw two face-up cards for all six-hand positions on the table. At this point, players will once again be prompted to place new wagers. You can place bets again after the host draws three community cards on the board.

Finally, the round ends when the final two community cards are dealt on the table. Winning bets are paid out, and the deck is reshuffled. The next round starts after that, following the same procedure. The RTP for this release ranges from 95.25% to 96%. Not bad, but much lower than its traditional live poker counterparts.

Bets & Payouts

An important thing to keep in mind is that all listed payouts are initial odds. These are subject to change as more cards are revealed. The simplest of the available wagers are main hand bets. With these wagers, you are just predicting what hand will win. The initial odds for winning this bet is 5.79.

We also have combination bets, requiring you to get specific cards to land a win.

  • Three of a kind pays 6.9
  • Straight pays 5.78
  • Flush pays 8.86
  • Full House pays 8.78
  • Four of a kind pays 108.12
  • Straight Flush pays 613.64
  • Pair pays 5.95
  • Two Pairs pays 3.14
  • Royal Flush and High Card do not have an initial payout

Finally, players can play suits & colours wagers that apply to community, flop, turn and river cards.

  • Community cards red pays 37.92
  • Community cards black pays 37.92
  • Community cards same suit pays 484.65
  • Flop cards red pays 8.15
  • Flop cards black pays 8.15
  • Flop cards same suit pays 18.54
  • Flop cards different suit pays 2.41
  • Turn card red pays 1.92
  • Turn card black pays 1.92
  • River card red pays 1.92
  • River card black pays 1.92
  • Turn and River same suit pays 4.07
  • Turn and River different suit does not feature an initial payout

Useful Tips & Tricks

There are no limitations on when you have to place your bets. As such, you can choose to play different wagers. Before any cards are dealt, we usually opt for combination bets or trying to predict suits& colours. Until cards are drawn, it is not worth it trying to predict what hand will win.

Of course, the odds become slightly different after the first draw. The best hands offer lower payouts but are a safer bet. You can go that route or you can wager on better-paying hands and hope they improve with additional draws.

Overall, Bet on Poker is definitely an interesting live casino experience.If you want a twist on the poker we all know and love, this Playtech release is worth checking out.