Authentic Gaming Unveils XL Roulette Game Show

In the last couple of years, we have seen multipliers appear in countless live casino games. This is especially true for roulette, where this formula has been quite successful. Evolution was first on the market with Lightning Roulette, and many others followed suit. Pragmatic Play launched Mega Roulette, while Playtech offers us Quantum Roulette and Mega Blaze Fire Roulette.

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Authentic Gaming is looking to enter a rather crowded market with XL Roulette. If they hope to succeed, they cannot simply copy what came before them. They have to give casino members something different if they plan to draw them in. Fortunately, the software provider has a few tricks up their sleeve to accomplish exactly that.

Here You Can Play XL Roulette

All About Player Choice

The best way to appeal to player tastes is to let them make choices for themselves. Authentic Gaming is well known for their high quality roulettes. Some players will seek this title for that alone, and will not care for multipliers. Others will want small boosts here and there, but nothing drastic. Then you have thrill seekers, who are hoping to score huge multipliers that will increase their payouts substantially.

With any other software provider, these options might result in different games. If not that, then at least separate tables. However, that is not the case with XL Roulette! When you launch the game, you are allowed to pick between four betting options in this live casino release.

  • Standard mode is a standard European Roulette table. Choosing this mode disables lucky numbers for you. However, it allows you to win a 35:1 payout for a Straight-Up bet.
  • XL mode is the default choice the game will select for you. It allows you to draw between one and five lucky numbers. This mode features a decreased Straight-Up wager payout, sitting at 29:1.
  • XXL mode is the riskier option for casino members. Here, each round brings between two to eight lucky numbers. The Straight-Up bet now pays 23:1 to compensate.
  • Finally, XXXL mode exists for gamers who love high volatility releases. This mode awards between three and eleven lucky numbers. However, the Straight-Up bet only pays 17:1

How XL Roulette Works

Regardless of what mode you choose to play, the gameplay loop is almost identical. You place wagers on inside and outside bets, and win if your stake contains the winning number. However, multipliers only apply to Straight-Up wagers. If you plan to use them to increase your reward, you have to play direct number bets.

The three different multiplier modes change how likely you are to draw a multiplier. With a maximum of eleven lucky numbers, XXXL mode is more likely to draw a winning multiplier boosted number. Meanwhile, XL mode can only draw up to five lucky numbers, lowering your odds of winning a multiplier-boosted payout.

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In order to compensate for the advantage extra lucky numbers bring, Straight-Up payouts are lowered accordingly. This allows Authentic Gaming to keep the RTP at an even 97.3% no matter which mode you play. Along the same veins, the top prize for all three multiplier versions is 500x your total stake. That means which mode you choose mostly comes down to personal preference.

Lucky numbers are picked after all bets have been placed. The numbers and their multipliers are chosen randomly, using a random number generator. The game can produce multipliers ranging from 50x to 500x each round. The numbers appear in three rows on the large screen behind the roulette wheel.

Each row is labelled, showing what mode those lucky numbers apply for. Playing a mode with more lucky numbers also covers lucky numbers for previous modes. As an example, an XXXL bet will include lucky numbers from the XL and XXL fields.

Is it Worth Playing?

Authentic Gaming’s XL Roulette will not fundamentally change the live casino industry by any means. However, roulette fans will enjoy this breath of fresh air. Between this and the recently released Mega Fire Blaze Roulette by Playtech, roulette with multipliers is looking great.

With that being the case, we wholeheartedly recommend trying this title. XL Roulette does not try to reinvent the wheel. It simply gives you control over the volatility while maintaining a similar RTP and top prize. However, even if multipliers do not interest you, Authentic Gaming has a solution. Simply play the standard mode that offers no lucky numbers!