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Sic Bo has its roots set in ancient China. It often goes by other names depending on where it’s played. In the Philippines, it’s known as hi-lo, while in Macau casinos, it goes by the name of as dai siu. Legally regulated in the UK and USA, Sic bo can also be found under that name or tai sai.

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Although its origins are disputed, Sic bo is identified as a game of ancient Chinese origin. Highly popular in American casinos, it was brought to the USA by Chinese immigrants who worked on railroads in the early XX century. Initially, the game was a hit in land-based casinos. The game’s popularity followed it to online casinos which exploded on the online gambling market in the early 2000s.

Today, you can find original Sic bo and variants in all online casinos. Known as hi-lo or Big and Small among gamblers, it’s a game of origin which involves a dice. It’s only the second casino game that involves dice gameplay apart from craps. Since there are only two outcomes on each bet or roll of the dice (win or loss), it is strictly considered a game of chance.

Casinos That Offer Live Sic Bo

How to Play Live Sic Bo?

Sic bo is not a hard or complicated game at all. If you’ve ever played craps, you already know what needs to be done. With a few tweaks of the rules, of course. While strategies work on craps, using them on Sic bo isn’t recommended. Unlike craps, Sic bo is a game of chance.

A fast-paced game that will delight fans of roulette and craps, Sic bo uses a pair of dices thrown on a board thrown on a board with bets. Your goal is to predict the outcome of the dices correctly to win. On every turn, you can either win or lose, making it one of the simplest casino games ever.

Initially a land-based casino game, Sic bo became especially popular in online casinos. Since moving online, Sic bo was modified in terms of gameplay, adding new exciting bets that would pique a player’s curiosity. What was once a simple game of chance with only a few outcomes became a sensation online with the addition of many new bets. The game became even more popular after it was adapted to live casinos. Live Sic bo is the ultimate Sic bo experience, combining the frantic gameplay of the regular variant with the atmosphere of a Vegas casino.

To start the game, you first make a bet by placing chips on the virtual table. Confirm your wager before bets are closed and the dices roll. The results of the roll will be displayed on the screen, with the betting fields that quality highlighted. If you’ve made the correct prediction, you’ll win a payout according to the table. It’s a simple, no-fuss game in which players rely on luck rather than skills. The luck part may not sound so exciting to some, but it’s what puts the fun in the game of Sic bo.

In terms of payouts, it depends on the bet. You can bet on single, double or triple-digit combinations as well as small or big numbers and specific combinations as well. Three-dice totals usually offer the best possible payouts – for example, betting on a total of 9 or 12 gives you a 191 to 25 payout. A triple bet has the highest payout in the area around 180:1 (depends on the casino).

A single dice bet or betting on a specific number to appear on one dice, gives even money payouts for 1 or 5:1 for 3 in the simplest Sic bo versions.

Even money payouts are also offered on the Big or Small wins. This means that you’re betting on a big or small number for the total score. As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to win big and it’s all down to your luck.

Live Super Sic Bo by Evolution Gaming

Live Sic bo is yet another casino game adapted for live casinos. Like all other games that have joined the fray, it combines technology with real casino atmosphere and human dealers that give it a special touch. Nearly all live dealer game studios have their own version with a few tweaks of the rules and other exciting features.

Take Evolution Gaming’s Super Sic Bo for example – it’s an exciting take on the classic with multipliers that can go sky-high and bring you amazing prizes. The live version of the simple game of chance has gotten an exciting makeover with multipliers that hit 1,000x. The high payout element means bigger thrills for all Sic bo (and craps) enthusiasts, making Super Sic Bo a game you must try.

Live Super Sic Bo
Live Super Sic Bo by Evolution Gaming

There are no complicated rules you should follow. If you’ve ever played Sic bo, you can play the live variant as well. Evolution’s version applies a random multiplier to every game round before the dices are rolled, giving it a unique and exciting touch.

Live Sic bo FAQ

In most cases, the payouts for live Sic bo games are the same as in regular casino variants. The differences lie in multipliers and other special features a game might have on offer.

Absolutely! In regular casinos, games are controlled by an RNG (Random Number Generator) which promises a fair and random outcome. In live casinos, a human dealer rolls the dice with a shaker just like in a land-based casino.

The house edge in Sic bo ranges due to differences in the true odds and the payout odds of each bet.

There are quite a few Sic bo strategies online focused on bet combinations and varying wagers. They are all risky, though, and since Sic bo is a game of chance, we’d stay away from them.

Most casino variants except for live Sic bo can be played for free. We strongly suggest learning the ropes for free before you play the game with real money.