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PremierPay is a Canadian payment processor based out of Toronto. The company offers a payment gateway service where casino members can use existing payment processors to deposit and withdraw. PremierPay focuses on the needs of their customer. Because of that, it does not have any hidden fees. The service is easy to integrate and makes cross-border payments convenient and straightforward.

Casino members can pay using a variety of payment methods. The list includes directDebit, directCredit, Interac Online, Interac e-transfer, Visa Direct, AliPay, WeChat Pay, smartPOS, and SEPA debit.

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How Does PremierPay Work?

Using PremierPay is a straightforward process. Find a merchant who offers it as a payment method and select it. That will open a separate window where you can choose one of its listed payment methods. Choose one of the payment processors you use, and authorize the transaction. PremierPay will play its part as a payment gateway, forwarding the funds to the merchant.

PremierPay is available in Canada

PremierPay is available in Canada

The convenience factor of using PremierPay is evident for users and merchants. Merchants do not have to integrate many smaller payment methods – they let PremierPay do the heavy lifting. Meanwhile, users can continue using their favorite payment processors even on websites that might not otherwise accept them.

How to Deposit with PremierPay?

You have to log into your casino account to start depositing. Open the cashier page, and select PremierPay from the list of payment methods. Enter how much money you want to deposit. Pick the payment processor you want to use and carry out the deposit as usual. The funds should appear in your account almost instantly. You might need to authorize the transaction depending on your payment method.

How to Withdraw with PremierPay?

Casino members can withdraw money following a similar process. Log into your casino account and navigate to the banking page. Open the withdraw section, and pick PremierPay. You can choose all supported payment processors to receive the funds from the website. However, not all online casinos support cashing out through PremierPay. If you do not see the logo under withdrawals, you cannot use it to cash out.

Transfer Times, Fees, and Security

Fast transactions are one of the benefits PremierPay offers its customers. It processes online casino deposits almost instantly. You can immediately start playing your favorite releases without any downtime. Since online casinos have to process your cash-out request, withdrawals take longer. How long it takes for the funds to appear in your account varies based on the payment processor.

PremierPay is forward with fees and clearly states if you have to pay any funds when depositing or withdrawing. Individual websites may also charge you money when depositing or cashing out with this payment method.

The company employs security protocols to reduce the risk of fraud and two-factor authentication to boost user security. PremierPay’s system is also PCI compliant, which further adds to how secure their platform is to use. On top of that, each payment processor PremierPay uses has its security features. When combined, these features make it difficult to compromise user security.