Evolution Cash or Crash and Mega Ball Compared

Fans of Evolution games no doubt fondly remember the launch of Mega Ball. At the time, their game shows were still hitting their stride. The success of these titles paved the way for even more unique Evolution releases. One of them is Cash or Crash, which builds on the template left by its predecessor.

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In this article, we will tackle the similarities and differences between these two games. How do they play? How fun are they? Which title offers the better top prize and RTP?


Mega Ball is known for the interesting mix of keno and bingo it brought to the table. The game uses a ball-drawing machine to select what number will appear. Meanwhile, players could buy cards and set their values themselves. If the machine draws enough numbers that match your card, you receive a cash prize. The more matching numbers there are, the better your reward will be.

While Mega Ball is fun, it definitely aims to be a luck-based experience. You cannot do anything to affect the results of the round, leaving you at Lady Luck’s mercy. This is something Evolution sought to rectify with Cash or Crash. Personally, we think they did a great job.

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The ball-drawing machine makes a return. However, the balls have been simplified. Instead of hoping for balls with specific numbers, now you are on the lookout for colours. Green balls allow you to progress further and golden balls shield you from the round ending. Red balls will end the round unless you have drawn a golden ball beforehand.

Each time you pass the round, Evolution allows you to decide what to do next. You can keep going and hope your luck holds. You can pocket half of your potential winnings and wager the other half. Finally, you can play it safe and take the money, which ends the round. This allows casino members to strategize and plan how they want to handle each round. Do you risk it for a big win or play it safe to maximize your playing time?

Payouts and RTP

Despite similar appearances, the two releases sit on opposite sides when it comes to RTP. Mega Ball features an RTP of 95.50%, which is quite good in itself. It also allows you to win up to 1,000,000x your total bet or $500,000, whichever comes first.

By comparison, Cash or Crash has a much better RTP but a lower payout. If played optimally, this Evolution release offers an RTP of 99.59%. Such a low house edge rivals long-established games like blackjack. The increased RTP does result in lower top prizes. Cash or Crash can produce wins up to 50,000x, which is quite respectable by itself.

Which One Should I Play?

Personally, we feel both casino games are worth your time. While they seem similar, playing them is a vastly different affair. Mega Ball is all about chasing big wins and hoping you get lucky. Cash or Crash allows you to optimise your bets and rewards players who can minimize the risk of each wager. However, if we had to pick a winner it would definitely be Cash or Crash.

Very few casino games include the player in the decision-making loop. That is why the team at livecasino24.com loves live dealer games like blackjack. The cards you are dealt are random, but the skilled play still gives you an advantage. The same is true for Evolution’s Cash or Crash. You cannot control what ball will appear next. However, you can plan for everything else and hope you get lucky.

On top of that, the game has a sizeable jackpot, fun gameplay and a fantastic RTP. If you only have the time for one game, Cash or Crash is the way to go. Evolution truly knocked it out of the park, making it a must-play for any game show fan.