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A VIP player in the world of gaming is synonymous with getting exceptional treatment. Being a VIP player at Evolution Gaming means more than that.  This leading provider of entertainment excels in the service it offers. This includes a wide range of VIP tables and one-to-one service for the most private of their important clientele.

These solutions and themes are created to satisfy even the pickiest of VIP players. The range and flexibility of betting limits are also worth mentioning since minimum bets vary by table. The people at Evolution Gaming don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Therefore one might expect a gaming experience tailored to one’s needs.

All solutions are available to any operator, either online or ground-based. What’s more, VIP players need not concern themselves with the quality they are receiving. This is because Evolution Gaming provides premium entertainment, easily accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. Listed below are some of the options VIP clients have the opportunity to choose from.

Salon Privé

As the name suggests, the essence of Salon Privé is privacy. This online live casino features single-player tables with one-to-one approach to gaming. Furthermore, Salon Privé offers high-class, exquisite VIP atmosphere to the most refined of high-wagering players.

Clients are subject to minimum bankroll requirements that offer them the best of customer service. These benefits come in the form of a VIP Room Manager and the ability to choose their dealer and shuffle. There are five tables available in Salon Privé. These include the three Blackjack tables, one Roulette table, and one Baccarat table.

salon prive evolution gaming
Salon Privé Blackjack

VIP Live Roulette

One of Evolution Gaming’s fortes is that roulette is available to players 24/7. This is because they offer a wide selection of both French and European Roulette VIP tables round the clock. The exclusive VIP treatment comes with pre-set betting limits.

These limits are designed to appeal to high rollers. As such they filter only the players ready to play with big stakes and potentially huge rewards. Needless to say, the environment is much better than the standard European and French tables.

VIP Slingshot Auto Roulette

VIP Slingshot Auto Roulette is a fully automated version of roulette. It offers players the chance to play at a pace faster than normal roulette tables. What’s more, these tables are in a so called dealer-less environment. This makes for a different fast-paced, high-stakes feel.

The biggest appeal is the fact that the same fast pace of the original game is kept. This means that players can expect to play between 60 and 80 game rounds per hour. When you factor in the whole VIP experience to this lightning-fast pace, the game becomes an easy seller.

Diamond VIP Live Blackjack

Diamond VIP Live Blackjack provides the utmost of service for high-wagering players looking for professionalism, excitement and real winnings. The setting in which the action plays out evokes a private Blackjack room. The purple surroundings and high-quality equipment attracts VIP players like bees to honey.

The game comes with all the standard Live Blackjack features. It comes with a hugely entertaining main game, but also with enticing side bets. The Pre-Decision, Perfect Pair and 21+3 side bets are a particular highlight.

Grand VIP Live Blackjack

Instead of a purple theme, Grand VIP Live Blackjack comes with a red and gold theme. The Grand VIP Live Blackjack experience is designed to attract VIP players looking for lower limits. This is because the game comes with lower minimum bet than Diamond VIP Live Blackjack, but with the same perks.

The VIP dealers are particularly impressive in this game. They are adept at welcoming all VIPs personally. In addition to that, they are great at remembering loyal players and will make you feel all the perks of being a regular.

Platinum VIP Live Blackjack

Platinum VIP Live Blackjack has a lower entry point than the previous two games with regard to minimum bets. It is perfect for VIP players who love to spread their bets on different tables. It comes in a recognizable Platinum VIP branding and colouring. This theme gives out a feeling of quality and refinement that all VIPs want to see.

Fortune VIP Live Blackjack

Fortune VIP Blackjack offers the same features and minimum/maximum bets as Platinum VIP Blackjack. In this respect, both games are the right choice for players who enjoy betting across different tables. Platinum provides real-time interaction for their clients, whereas Fortune delivers much more in terms of choice for their players.

Vip blackjack evolution gaming
Fortune VIP Live Blackjack

Silver VIP Live Blackjack

With its distinctive VIP branding and setting, Silver VIP Live Blackjack entices the super-elite group of VIP players. It offers them two tables that are available 12 hours a day. This is created to provide extended choice of play at peak times.

VIP Live Blackjack

On the other hand, VIP Live Blackjack with its red VIP setting, delivers a 24/7 type of service. The standard side bets of Pre-Decision, 21+3 and Perfect Pairs are available. This means that multiple tables with an enticing main game and lucrative side bets are there to be had 24/7.