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Authentic Gaming’s Roulette Professional is broadcast live from Saint Vincent resort in Italy. The game is very easy to play and even a novice can understand it with ease. This is in spite of the fact that the game is designed for roulette professionals. In fact, this versatility is one of the strongest features of Authentic Roulette Professional.

This Authentic Gaming product is suitable for both new players and experienced roulette aficionados. In addition to this, both high rollers and small stake players are welcome to play the game. This is because the live casino game is easy to play and comes with flexible limits.

Where to Play Authentic Roulette Professional

Game Details

Authentic Roulette Professional can be accessed through a mobile, tablet or a desktop computer. This is definitely an asset as it enables everyone to play the game from any type of device or platform.

This ease of access is complemented by the fact that the game is on 24/7. Players can log in and join at any time of day. This makes the game much more appealing as players never have to wait to play.

As with other Authentic Gaming products, Authentic Roulette Professional is streamed from a live casino. The game is broadcast from the Saint Vincent resort in Italy, one of the top European casinos. This means that the atmosphere of one of the most renowned casinos is brought straight to a player’s device.

Finally, Authentic Roulette Professional is licensed and regulated by the Maltese Gaming Authority. The Maltese Gaming Authority is a top regulatory body and it serves as a guarantee to both operators and players.

Game Features

Authentic Roulette Professional is a game which is created for the real roulette pros. It is tailor made for people with extensive roulette experience and the betting options reflect this.

Players can bet on Inside and Outside bets and have extensive wagering options. Betting on the exact number is the most profitable of all Inside bets. In addition to it, many players also go for Outside bets such as Red/Black, Odd/Even or 1-18 and 19-36.

This variety of betting options is beautifully complemented by the flexible betting limits. Players get different limits from different casino operators, but in general they are very player-friendly. This means that both high rollers and low stake players can play the game with equal satisfaction.

Video & Audio Features

Authentic Roulette Professional is streamed in Full HD. This is a standard feature in all Authentic Gaming products. To be able to use it all a player needs is a decent internet connection.

One of the key things which contribute to the game being a top-notch product is the use of the cameras. There are several cameras which are utilized in the filming of the table and the wheel. They alternate between each other and show the game from perfect angles at all times.

In addition to this, Authentic Roulette Professional also comes with another compelling feature – the authentic sound. Everyone knows that being in a casino is not just about playing, but it is also about the unique atmosphere. Authentic Roulette Professional manages to transfer this atmosphere directly to a player’s device by recording the sound inside the casino. This creates a very authentic casino experience and takes the live roulette game to another level.

Finally, the Authentic Gaming software which is used to create the graphic overlay is of the highest quality too. Players can see their bets in an instant, can see betting options, and can access game’s history immediately. There are no interruptions or glitches and the software makes playing the game very enjoyable.