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Evolution is one of the leading software providers in the live casino niche. Part of why that is true is because they are always eager to try something new. Sometimes, they create complex game shows with numerous bonuses. Other times, you get Dead or Alive: Saloon.

Though you play it with a deck of cards, this game is unlike other card games on the market. It is impressively straightforward, though that does not bring down its fun factor in the slightest! Will this release win players over, or will it lose the showdown?

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How to Play Dead or Alive: Saloon

Time needed: 5 minutes

Dead or Alive: Saloon is a unique live card game from Evolution. Read below how to play the game.

  1. Go to the live casino section and choose Dead or Alive: Saloon

    Go to an online casino that offers Evolution’s live games. Go to the live casino of this online casino. Once you click on the game in the lobby you will be taken to Evolution’s live studio. Here a live dealer will present the game.

    Dead or Alive Saloon HT1 lc24

  2. The Live Studio

    Evolution really nailed it this time. The live studio is amazing. It’s just like a saloon back in the Wild West. A live dealer sits behind a table and deals the cards.
    Dead or Alive Saloon HT2 lc24

  3. Place Your Bets

    At the bottom of your screen, you can pick the value of your betting chip. The game’s objective is to guess which regular playing card will be drawn first. You can place a bet on numerous options – either a particular card, a specific suit, or a certain card value. Alternatively, you can choose to bet on several cards or all cards.
    Dead or Alive Saloon HT3 lc24

  4. Dealing of the Cards

    The deck contains 52 regular playing cards, plus 52 Bonus cards made up of three Double cards, six Bounty cards, twenty 20x multiplier cards, nineteen 30x multiplier cards, three 50x multiplier cards, and one 100x multiplier card. Once the betting time is closed, the game presenter starts dealing the cards face up, one by one.
    Dead or Alive Saloon HT4 lc24

  5. The Bonus Cards

    If a Bonus card with 20x, 30x, 50x, or 100x is drawn, the multiplier value gets added to your initial potential win amount, and the round continues. (Example: initial potential win 20x + 30x Bonus card = 50x potential win amount.) If a Double card is drawn, your existing potential win amount is doubled, (Example: 50x potential win amount x 2 = 100x potential win amount.) The Double card does not affect the values of any future Bonus cards.
    Dead or Alive Saloon HT5 lc24

  6. Bounty Hunt Event

    During a round, if a Bounty card is drawn, you will enter the immersive Bounty Hunt event.
    You will be presented with three targets, each holding a hidden multiplier value. Select your chosen target, take aim, and shoot. The won multiplier is revealed and added to your potential win amount.
    Dead or Alive Saloon HT7 lc24.

  7. The Result

    The round ends once a regular playing card is drawn. You win if you have correctly predicted which regular playing card will be drawn first. In the event of a win, your bet will be multiplied by your accumulated multiplier value.
    Dead or Alive Saloon HT6 lc24

You play Dead or Alive: Saloon with two 52-card decks. One deck consists of regular cards, and the other is filled with bonus cards. The goal of each round is to predict what standard card gets drawn from the deck. Get it right, and you win all the accumulated multipliers. The RTP for this game is 97.02%.

Evolution has an Autoplay feature, allowing you to repeat the same wager after setting it once. You can also see the winning history of the last few rounds in the bottom right corner. To place a bet, pick one of the visible coins and put it on the betting grid.

Game Features

All bonuses in this release focus on the bonus deck. The deck consists of 52 bonus cards, covering twenty 20x multipliers, nineteen 30x multipliers, three 50x multipliers, and a single 100x multiplier. There are also three Double cards and six Bounty cards.

When a multiplier bonus card appears, its value gets added to the initial potential win amount. So, for example, if the win amount is 20x and you draw a 30x multiplier card, your new potential win amount is 50x. Furthermore, if you draw several multiplier cards, they get added the same way.

Double cards live up to their name by doubling the potential win amount when it is drawn. If you are set to win 50x, the Double will increase it to 100x. They only apply to the cards currently on the table. If you draw a multiplier next, the game will not double its contribution.

Last but not least are Bounty cards. When a bounty lands, it starts a brief bonus round. You pick one of three wanted posters to shoot with a revolver. The poster you chose will display a multiplier value that gets added to your potential win amount.

You can also use a live chat option to chat with the host and other players while playing.

Video Performance

Video performance is fantastic, though we would expect nothing less from Evolution. The backdrop and the host’s clothes sell the Wild West theme the software provider was going for. Additionally, the developer uses high-quality cameras and multiple angles to capture the action and make it look exciting.

Our Thoughts on Dead or Alive: Saloon

Expectations are always high for Evolution, doubly so when working with a brand name beloved by many slot fans. So, we are happy to report the developer knocked it out of the park. Simple and rewarding promotions, excellent video quality, and a top-notch user interface are all reasons to play Dead or Alive: Saloon.


The RTP of this live casino game is 97.02%.

It’s a live card game, powered by Evolution, where half of the deck is a multiplier and special cards that increase your win!

The maximum win per game is limited to €500,000.

In a single game of Dead or Alive: Saloon the biggest multiplier is 2000x.

According to Evolution, the game will go live on November 30th.