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In August 2022, Playtech released a new live game show, Everybody’s Jackpot Live. The game show is based on their favorite online slot machine.

Exactly what this live game show from Playtech will look like is still a bit difficult to predict. Playtech is not giving any information about it and is leaving us in suspense. But if we look at the source of this game, namely the online slot machine of the same name, we can predict a bit what this new game will look like. We also managed to get some images already.

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How to Play Everybody’s Jackpot Live

Time needed: 4 minutes

Everybody’s Jackpot Live is a unique game show from Playtech, based on their popular online slot. The live game show has 4 spectacular bonus games. This is how you play Everybody’s Jackpot Live.

  1. Go to the live casino section and choose Everybody’s Jackpot Live

    Go to an online casino that offers Playtech live games. Go to the live casino of this online casino. Once you click on the game in the lobby you will be taken to the live studio of Playtech. Here a live host will present the game.
    Everybodys Jackpot live ht1 lc24

  2. The base game is a giant slot with 4 windows

    The game starts with a giant slot, that is actually a collection of 4 smaller slots. The reels start to spin and every player that has placed a bet joins the game. Players can win by winning combinations on the slots, but the most important and exciting part is qualifying for bonus games.
    Everybodys Jackpot live ht2 lc24

  3. Scatters for Bonus Games

    There are 4 different bonus games in this live casino game. Every spin, one of the 4 bonuses is randomly selected. When 3 or more scatters appear on the slots, this bonus game will become active. If there aren’t any scatters, a new spin will be done and again a bonus game will be randomly selected. When 3 or more scatters appear all the players will play the bonus game.
    Everybodys Jackpot live ht3 lc24

  4. The Bonus games are interactive

    Three of the four bonus games are interactive. This means that every player makes his own decision and determines his own luck. After the bonus game is done, every player gets paid and we return to the base game.
    Everybodys Jackpot live ht4 lc24

Everybody’s Jackpot Live

The online slot has a basic slot game on which you see 9 symbols and there are 8 pay lines. It seems like at the live game show there are 4 such base games.

The regular prizes on the pay lines are a nice basis for the game, but as the title suggests, it’s all about the jackpots.

The game has 4 different bonus games. Every game starts with a spin of the big slot machine with 4 frames of each 9 segments. You can win by a lucky combination on one of the lines of each slot machine. Also, there is a pre-selection of a bonus game each round. When there appear 3 or more scattered symbols on the slots, this bonus game is activated. Let’s take a look at the different bonus games.

The Bonus Games

There are four different bonus games in Everybody’s Jackpot Live:

  • Wild Free Games
  • Walter’s Bubble Bar
  • The Block
  • Pick Me Plaza

Let’s explain every bonus game separately.

When 3 or more scatters appear and the bonus game Wild Free Games is selected, you are allowed to play this bonus game. The decor changes and a new slot appears. This slot has three reels and 3 rows. The more scatters you had, the more free spins you get. The minimum is five spins, the maximum is 30 spins.

Wild Free Games Bonus Game

Every spin, a wild symbol appears in the middle row and substitutes for any character on the pay line. There are multipliers active, determined by the symbol completing the win.

When 3 or more scatters appear and the bonus game Walter’s Bubble Bar is selected, you are allowed to play this bonus game. In this bonus game, you choose your own luck. At the start, Walter appears and blows three bubbles in the air. Each bubble contains a multiplier and you must pick one. As soon as you picked your colored bubble, it will burst and your multiplier will be revealed. This multiplier can vary from 1x up to 25x.

Walter’s Bubble Bar Bonus Game

A 4×4 grid appears and there is played some kind of drop-and-stick game. The more scatters you had at the start, the more multipliers you get and the more spins you get on the 4×4 slot. In the end, the total number of stuck bubbles gets multiplied by the chosen multiplier. The maximum win can be up to 800x.

When 3 or more scatters appear and the bonus game Pick Me Plaza is selected, you are allowed to play this bonus game. The more scatters you get, the better the multiplier will be. 3 scatters result in a 1x multiplier and the maximum multiplier is 10x, therefore you need 8 or more scatters.

Pick Me Plaza Bonus Game

This bonus game also put you in charge of your own luck. You must pick four blink spots on the 4×4 grid and find the drink with the highest multipliers. Multipliers on the spots are added up and your stake gets multiplied by this number. The maximum you can win is 680x your bet.

When 3 or more scatters appear and the bonus game The Block is selected, you are allowed to play this bonus game. The Block is a bonus game that starts with a virtual cube with 3 rows on each side. On top of each row, there is a multiplier. At the start of the bonus game, the multipliers are raised up, depending on how many scatters you had at the start.

The Block Bonus Game

Again, you choose your own luck. You must pick one of the 3 tiles in the first column. There are 3 possible outcomes.

  • A symbol with coins and a cross: End of bonus game and collect your winnings
  • A symbol with only arrows. Advance to the next round (next column) to pick a new tile
  • A symbol with coins and arrows. You collect the multiplier and advance to the next round

The Block Bonus is definitely the best bonus. If you are lucky and pick the right tiles, the maximum multiplier can become 6740x.


It’s a live game show from Playtech. The show is based on the popular slot machine Everybody’s Jackpot.

There are 4 different bonus games: Wild Free Games, Walter’s Bubble Bar, Pick Me Plaza, and The Block.

The maximum multiplier you can get is in the bonus game The Block and can grow up to 6740x your bet.

No, you can’t. It is a live casino game and all live casino games can only be played for real money.

According to Playtech, the live game show will be released on August 11th. Then it will be available in the online casinos that have partnered up with Playtech. We selected some for you.