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Craps Live is one of the simplest game mechanics – the shooter literally just shoots two pairs of dice. At the same time, it has a cornucopia of bets, which can scare casino players. Due to this strange duality, craps lags behind other options that are available on the gaming floor.

This is almost certainly the reason why we have never seen a live casino version of craps – until now, that is. On October 29, Evolution Gaming once again reaffirmed their intentions to dominate the market, with the release of Craps Live.

Make no mistake – this is no ordinary version of craps. Evolution masterfully tackled some of the game’s most notorious problems, all while managing to cater to both newbies and grizzled casino veterans.

If you want to how did they do it, and how good this new title really is, check out the rest of our Craps Live review. Within the following sections, you’ll get a crash course like you’ve never been on before, including all the essential tips, strategies, and pointers. Good luck!

What Are the Best Live Casinos for Craps Live?

How to Play Craps Live

Time needed: 5 minutes

Playing Craps Live is no different than shooting dice amongst the bright lights of Sin City – the rules remain the same. However, in true Evolution Gaming fashion, the developers tweaked the game in a way that, in equal measure, retains its iconic fashion and allows inexperienced players to get a taste of the action.
In the next few steps, we’ll show you exactly how to begin, and what to do from there. Trust us, it’s much easier than it initially looks!

  1. Pick a casino that offers Craps Live and enter the game

    While this may sound obvious, you should check if an online casino actually has Craps Live in their game roster.

    To make this process easier, check out our picks for the best live casinos on the list above. All the sites we picked are 100% legal, secure, and come with juicy bonuses for new players. So, the only thing for you to do is a bit of research, followed by a final choice.

    Once you’ve chosen your go-to casino site, create an account, make a deposit in an amount of your choosing, and enter the game.choose Craps in Lobby

  2. Place a bet in Craps Live

    Now that you’ve joined the lobby and can actually see Evolution’s gargantuan new studio, it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty. If you’re a new player, we strongly advise you to switch to the Easy Mode UI. You can do this right away, with a single click.

    By doing this, the interface will be devoid of more complex multi-role bets. All that is left are one-rolls and other simple bets that are essential to learning the game. To place an actual bet, you can click on said bet’s box and select the amount of money you wish to wager. You can only do this in between rounds, which is about a minute’s worth of time.

    If you’re an experienced player, you can keep using the default interface, all while placing bets with just a click on the boxes with the bets’ names on them, followed by another click to select the number of chips you want to bet.craps live evolution how to play

  3. Watch the mechanical arm shoot the dice

    In Craps Live, the dealer doesn’t shoot the dice. Instead, a mechanical arm does the job. Yes, you read that right! We were infatuated with this quirky decision from the moment we saw it, but its presence means much more than racking up a few style points.

    The robotic limb rolls the dice at a different speed and level of force each time, which is a move that effectively kills two birds with one stone. Not only does it mimic the inconsistencies that occur when a dealer throws, but it also removes the human element from the equation. Therefore, errors are almost impossible.

    To make the process even fairer, Evolution designed Craps Live so that the dealer drops the dice into the box on the arm. Such an approach ensures total randomness and eliminates any and all avenues that might lead to fixing the game.craps live casinos

  4. Monitor your potential winnings and numbers in ‘My Numbers’

    After the dice have been cast, you can track the status of your bet in the My Numbers section, which is a welcome addition to the always-great Evolution UI. In the lower right corner of your screen, you will see the status of your bet, along with what numbers are good for you and the exact amount you’ll win if Lady Luck ends up on your side.

    This is a great way to stay concentrated on the game, as you can determine what’s going on with a single glance at the My Numbers section.craps live my numbers

  5. See if you won, clap, cheer, and more!

    As a cherry on top, Craps Lives allows players to cheer and clap while waiting for the results, and even when they’re not placing any bets during the current role. There is also the chat room, where you can discuss roles with your fellow casino aficionados, as well as chat with the always pleasant Evolution dealers.
    resultados craps live

General information

Craps Live is live streamed from several Evolution studios, which are mostly located in Riga, Latvia. However, they have also opened several other facilities across Europe, mainly as a means of expanding their cultural influence and having a more immediate impact on players.

Thus, your Craps Live games can also be streamed directly from Spain, Pennsylvania, Malta, Georgia, and several other locations. All of their facilities have been designed to specifically mimic the iconic 1920s aesthetic.

In terms of overall gameplay, a dealer is always present, but doesn’t actually influence the game that much. We’ve already mentioned that his role is to put the dice in the mechanical arm, as an added layer of ensuring randomness with each roll.

Craps Live has an RTP of 88.33-99.17%, depending on which bets you decide to place. Both the game and Evolution as a whole are regularly audited by third parties, all in order to ensure that every roll is fair and that there is no interference whatsoever.

If this doesn’t convince, you will be happy to find out that Evolution Gaming also has a whopping 11 licenses, all from different regulatory bodies. Usually, software providers only focus on obtaining a Malta license, so it’s amazing to see a company being so devoted to respecting the law and promoting transparency on all levels.

Game Features

In terms of overall features, Craps Live is probably the most realistic iteration of online craps we’ve ever seen. Now, we know that there have been numerous single-player iterations of this game and that this is the first live casino version, but Evolution really surprised us with this one.

We know that they’re more than capable of turning anything into a fun live casino game, but Craps Live takes the cake. So, what are these title’s most impressive features?

Well, first of all, we have to return to the story of two UI. In all of our years reviewing the best live casino games, we’ve rarely seen software providers actually invest any effort into simplifying things. When you’re playing Craps Live, you can choose to only have a menu with single-roll bets. This is excellent for rookies, as it gives you a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of craps, one step at a time.

Secondly, let’s take a quick overview of all the bets you can place. We’ll start with one-roll bets. What are they? Well, simply put, these bets only depend on a single roll. You don’t have to wait for a number to fall for several rolls. The dice either land on your desired result or they don’t. Here they are:

  • The Field. With one bet, you’re aiming at the result being 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. If you hit 2 or 12, your winnings are doubled!
  • 2, 3, 11, 12. Basically, you’re betting on the fact that you might hit one of these numbers. The 2 and 12 pay 30:1, while the other two numbers yield a 15:1 return.
  • Seven. Not that rare, sevens can be a great boost to your bankroll, as they can give you a quick 4:1 payout.
  • Craps. You’re betting that the dice are going to land on either 2, 3, or 12.
  • Craps and Eleven. Also known as C&E, it’s basically an extension of the Craps bet, with the 11 being an added potential result.

Now, it’s time to focus on multi-roll bets. Just as the name suggests, they can either win or lose throughout a series of rolls. If you haven’t played craps before, we suggest that you grind out a few rounds of one-roll bets until you get a grasp of the game’s dynamic. Once you know what’s going on, you can try your luck on these bad boys:

  • Number bets aka Win or Lose. With this bet, you’re betting that a 7 will come before 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. That’s called a loss. A Win is a polar opposite – you’re wagering that these numbers will come before 7. All the other numbers don’t matter and will result in a re-roll if you hit them. You can also bet on all the numbers to win/lose, or just one. This is one of the most fun bets in Craps Live! It builds up a lot of excitement, especially when the whole lobby is waiting for that elusive 7.
  • Hardways. A hardway is an expression for even number results that are comprised of the same numbers. For example, a hard 4 is two 2s, a hard 6 is two 3s, and so on. Betting on hardways basically means that you’re betting that a hard number (2, 3, 8, or 10) is coming before an easy number (i.e. an 8 in the form of a 5 and a 3) or a 7.
  • Pass Line. This bet begins with a come-out roll. If this roll results in a 7 or an 11, you automatically win. A 2, 3, or 12 means an automatic loss, but every other number establishes something that’s called a point. Now, if you roll a 5, that’s your number. The goal of the next few rolls is to get 5 (or whatever number other than 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12) before 7. One thing we loved about Evolutions’ Craps Live is that you can easily take odds – increase your bet if you like the point number.
  • Don’t Pass. Basically, the opposite of the pass line, a don’t pass awards you money if you hit a 2 or a 3, and results in a loss if it’s a 7 or an 11. A 12 is a push and calls for a re-roll. The point system stays the same, but in this case, you’re betting that a 7 will come before one of those numbers, depending on what’s the target of your don’t pass bet.
  • Don’t Come. The same as the previous two, but can only be played if the ON sign is next to the numbers line – when the point is established. If you bet on come, it’s the same as the pass line. The opposite is also true, with the other result being somewhat of a personalized don’t pass bet.

We tested the game with people who haven’t played craps before, and they never took more than 15 minutes to grasp the entire concept. Craps Live is definitely packed with features, all wrapped up in a simple, yet endearing interface. The simplification option is great, whether you’re a beginner or just want to cash out fast with a single roll.

This is definitely what craps should feel like in a live casino outfit. More and more online casinos are picking up this title, so you’re bound to encounter a crowd of fellow craps aficionados wherever you go. Good luck and have fun!