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Players who love Baccarat will enjoy Ezugi’s Knockout Baccarat. The game is essentially live Baccarat, but it comes with a twist. This twist comes in the form of 7 separate side bets which offer different winning avenues.

The new betting options are easily comprehensible and add a lot of excitement to an already exciting live casino game. They make the game perfect for experienced Baccarat players who are bored with only the standard betting options.

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How to Play Knockout Baccarat

Knockout Baccarat is streamed live from Ezugi’s Latin America studio. The Colombia studio provides casino operators with 3 live tables of high-quality Knockout Baccarat.

All rounds of the game are streamed in Full HD. However, this doesn’t mean that Knockout Baccarat cannot be played by people with slower Internet connections. The only thing which changes for them is the quality of the video. The game remains as playable as it is in Full HD.

In addition to this, virtually all players can play Knockout Baccarat as the game can be accessed from all devices. All they need is a simple Flash player and they are ready to go.

This is definitely good for casino operators as the game receives a lot of traffic. In fact, an unlimited number of players can play Knockout Baccarat at the same time. This means that all players are guaranteed a seat at the table.

Another thing that makes the game so successful is the fact that it has a live dealer. The Knockout Baccarat dealers are some of the best in the business and for good reason. They always conduct the perfect games and are full of helpful insights and tips. In fact, players often decide to tip the dealer because they are so satisfied with the service.

Finally, as with all Ezugi games, Knockout Baccarat is fully licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority for online live casino play. In addition, the game is also verified by SCG-Bulgaria, ItechLabs, BMM, and RSG-Eclipse.

Game Features

As you would expect, Knockout Baccarat offers all the standard betting options as regular Baccarat. This means that players can bet on either the Player or the Banker. Backing the Player comes with odds of 1:1, while backing the Banker comes with odds of 0.95:1. If players are in a riskier mood they can always back the Tie option. If the game ends in a Tie, they can get very good odds of 8:1.

This is where the similarities between the standard version of Baccarat and Knockout Baccarat stop. This is because, in addition to these main bets, Knockout Baccarat also offers several enticing side bets.

They are centered around the winning total of each hand and come with different odds. The highest yielding of these side bets is the 1, 2, 3, or 4 side bet which comes with odds of 7:1. Winning totals of 5 or 6 on the other hand, come with lower odds of 3:1. If a player bets on a winning total of 7, then the odds are slightly higher and are set at 4:1.

Backing a winning total of 8 or 9 is the most likely outcome and that’s why it comes with lower odds. The odds here are 3:1 for winning totals of 8 and 2:1 for winning totals of 9.

Finally, backing the option of “Natural win player/banker” comes with odds of 4:1. Natural hands are always more difficult to get and hence the higher odds.