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Many software providers have tried their luck in combining football and live casino games over the years. Today, we look at Evolution’s attempt called Football Studio Dice. It features straightforward gameplay using four dice on a table that looks like a football field.

This release makes an excellent first impression between the theme and the fun gameplay. But will that be enough to try Football Studio Dice? Let’s find out together in this deep-dive review.

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How to Play Football Dice Studio

You play Football Dice Studio on a table with four dice shakers. Two dice shakers are on the Home side while the other two are on the Away side. The game determines a winner by checking what side drew the highest numbered dice pair. Evolution’s release has an RTP of 97.75% for Home and Away bets and 95.68% for Draw.

The developer implemented a few extra functions that add to the convenience of playing this title. Football Dice Studio displays the results of the previous rounds in the bottom right corner. In the other corner, you can see news, upcoming matches, and live scores for ongoing football matches.

Football Studio Dice is all about 2 red dice and 2 blue dice
Football Studio Dice is all about 2 red dice and 2 blue dice

Game Features 

Each round starts with a betting round, where you try to predict if Home or Away will win. You can also bet that the outcome of the round will be a Tie. Home and Away have even money payouts, while tie bets pay 7:1 under most circumstances. If a tie occurs with twelve on both sides, the payout is 79:1.

The game does not award results immediately. Instead, the outcome is determined in two halves, reminiscent of a football match. The two top shakers stop first and display their results. Then, after a slight delay, the bottom two shakers come to a halt, showing the final results of the round. Splitting the result announcement this way builds excitement and makes Football Studio Dice more fun.

You can use the live chat option to communicate with the host and other players. Paired with results displayed in two halves, watching crowd reactions turn sweet or sour is very entertaining.

Video Performance

Evolution is the king of live dealer games, and their video qualify reflects that. HD cameras capture the dice shakers and the host at multiple angles. The design of the studio also looks fantastic. Evolution made the table look like a football field. The screen behind the host also displays the current ‘score.’ This lets you see at a glance if Home or Away is on a winning streak.

Our Thoughts on Football Studio Dice 

We had plenty of fun playing this release. If you love dice games and football, it is the perfect combination you did not know you needed. The gameplay is entertaining, the video quality is superb, and the user interface is easy to use. Because of that, we are more than happy to recommend Football Studio Dice to our readers. It’s like a fresh breeze in the world of live casino games.


The RTP of this live casino game is 97.75%.

It’s a live dice game, powered by Evolution. It’s all about the outcome of 2 red dice and 2 blue dice.

The biggest multiplier is 80x. That’s when the result is a DRAW (Tie) and both totals are 12.