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A few years back, Evolution developed the Live Game Show Crazy Time. This game show became the most popular live casino game. Now the software developer has developed a new live game show that may become even more popular, namely Funky Time.

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What is Funky Time by Evolution?

Funky Time falls under the category of live casino games, and it is a live game show set in a beautiful 1970s theme. The game features spectacular bonus games and great multipliers.

Evolution has been innovative with technology, and like Crazy Time, you play this game with a large, colored wheel with different squares. However, Funky Time’s wheel is a DigiWheel, which includes four different bonus games: BAR, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco.

The DigiWheel has 64 segments, which are divided into the following options: “1,” “PLAY,” “FUNKY,” “TIME,” and the four bonus games.

The game begins when the dealer spins the DigiWheel

Before a game begins, all players who wish to participate must place a bet on the available options. After all the bets are placed, the croupier will spin the wheel, officially starting the game. The wheel will spin until the flap stops on one of the segments.

If you placed a bet on the segment where the flapper stops, then you have won! Depending on which segment the wheel landed on, you will receive a certain multiplier.

Payout table:


Game Interface

The nice thing about live casino games and game shows is that you can communicate with fellow players and the host through the live chat. The host is often very enthusiastic, making Funky Time very entertaining to play.

The game is presented by a live host from a live studio, and the environment looks fantastic. The main game consists of a large DigiWheel, and in the background, as in Crazy Time, you can see the bonus games. To activate the bonus games, you have to spin one of the bonus games on the wheel.

Interface Funky Time Live
Interface Funky Time Live

You can play Funky Time on both desktop and mobile devices. Betting is easy; you can drag the chips to the options you want to bet on, and the chips increase in value, giving you complete control over how much you want to bet on everything. If you want to repeat your previous bet, just click the button with the round arrow. There is also an option that allows you to bet on all letters immediately, indicated by a chip and then “= Bet on 12 letters.” Next to this option, there is a button with a chip and “= Bet on 4 bonuses,” allowing you to bet on all bonus games.

How to Play Funky Time?

Time needed: 3 minutes

Funky Time is a very amusing live game show. We describe step by step how to play this amazing game powered by Evolution.

  1. Go to a live casino that offers Funky Time

    Once you have found a live casino that offers Funky Time, you must first log in. After you have logged in, find the game and open Funky Time. Then you will see the studio and betting options.funky time

  2. Place a bet

    You have as many as 17 betting options at Funky Time. In Crazy Time there are 8, so in Funky Time there are significantly more. Choose the chip you want to bet with. Then bet on the betting options you want to play with.
    funky time step 2

  3. The wheel starts spinning

    Once all bets are placed, the bets are closed. Next, the host will spin the wheel to start the game. While spinning, a disco ball places random multipliers over the wheel.funky time

  4. The wheel stops spinning

    Once the wheel stops spinning you will immediately see the outcome of this round. If you placed a bet on the square where the wheel stops, you won! This can be an instant payout, or you will be redirected to a bonus game if the wheel has landed on it.funky time

The bonus games of Funky Time

When you start playing Funky Time you can have a chance to win one of four great bonus games. These rounds give you a great chance to win fantastic prizes. We take a look at each of these bonuses and explain them to you.


If you finish on the box marked BAR, you will be redirected to a real bar. Here a robot bartender is waiting for you to pour a drink. Choose a color in advance. The robot bartender then proceeds to pour 3 drinks. These are filled with multipliers. The color you chose is linked to a drink. The multiplier attached to it is your final win from this bonus round.

“Stayin’ Alive”

You play this bonus game together with other players. The goal is to stay alive as long as possible by increasing the meters as much as possible. You choose a color ball in advance and this is the meter you will play with. Is the color of your meter drawn into a ball? Then the meter increases by multipliers. Again, the color you choose is your final winnings from the bonus round.


It’s time to go dancing! You imagine yourself on an illuminated disco floor in the disco. Here you and Mr. Funky go in search of multipliers. The wheel that spins on top of the DJ will make Mr. Funky dance. The wheel determines whether Mr. Funky takes a step forward, backward, left, or right. This continues until Mr. Funky steps off the dance floor. All the multipliers you have collected in the meantime are your winnings.

“VIP Disco”

This is the same bonus game as Disco. Only in this VIP variant, you will play with even higher multipliers and have a chance to win even higher prizes. Mr. Funky starts dancing again based on the wheel above. He collects as many multipliers as possible, to give you a nice win at the end of the bonus round.

Funky Time VIP Bonus

Strategy to play Funky Time

There are several ways to play this very amusing game. You could go only for the bonuses, but then you will end up with lots of losing games. If you’re lucky and you get a nice running streak of bonuses you will end up as a winner, but we prefer another strategy.

Play a single bet on all the letters of one word, like FUNK or PLAY, or TIME. This will cost you 4 bets. At the same time play all the bonuses. Use a single bet on the bonus games STAYIN’ ALIVE, DISCO, and VIP DISCO. Put a double Bet on BAR. This way you’ll use 9 bets. If the letters win you get 26 bets back and with the bonuses, you can get lucky. This is a strategy that can help you to play a while with your bankroll and even get some nice profits now and then.

FAQ about Funky Time

Funky Time Live is a live casino game show powered by Evolution. It’s by far the best game show ever presented. It’s fun and funky to play this live game show.

Funky Time has a maximum payout of €500,000

Absolutely, Funky Time can be played on your mobile device as well as on your desktop.

Funky Time will be playable in online casinos from the 10th of May 2023.

Funky Time is a live game show developed by the well-known developer Evolution. Evolution makes great live casino games, and so again Funky Time.

You certainly can! In the long run, it’s not easy to win any casino game, but we describe a good strategy on our page that will give you a decent chance of getting upfront now and then.