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It feels like it was just yesterday that Evolution launched Dream Catcher. Since then, the money wheel has been the backbone of many world-class game shows that entertained us for hours. Now, Dream Catcher is making a triumphant return with a new coat of paint.

Imperial Quest is a re-release of a beloved classic localized for a new market. However, the live casino game is also available globally for players who might prefer its aesthetic. What thrills will Evolution’s latest release bring to the table?

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How to Play Imperial Quest 

You play this game on a 54-segment money wheel separated by pins. Fifty-two of those sections have a number and animal attached to them. The other two segments are reserved for multipliers. When betting, you place a stake on the number you think the wheel will stop on. The optimal RTP when playing this release is 95.65%.

Evolution has the Autoplay option enabled in Imperial Quest. After you place a bet, you can use Autoplay to repeat the same wager a set number of times. You can also take advantage of the Statistics page, which displays results for the most recent games. The top left number is the most recent result.

Game Features

To wager, you must pick a bet value and place it on one of six numbered bet spots. Each bet spot is marked with a number: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. That number is also your payout if that wager wins. For example, number 10 will pay 10x, 20 is worth 20x, etc. The numbers are not equally present on the wheel, either. The higher the reward, the fewer wheel segments that number covers.

Imperial Quest has two features: the 2x and the 7x multipliers. If a wheel stops on one of these multiplied segments, it triggers a re-spin. The re-spin carries over the multiplier, which is applied to that round’s win. If the wheel stops on a multiplier again, the old and new multipliers multiply each other. Multipliers can keep multiplying each other until they reach the maximum 20,000x multiplier.

The game has a live chat option for interested players. You can use it to interact with the host and other players while playing.

Video Performance

Evolution has gone out of its way to make Imperial Quest look as eye-catching as possible. You will be able to enjoy a rich backdrop heavily inspired by Chinese mythology. The studio uses high-quality cameras that shift their focus from wheel to host based on what is happening. Finally, the user interface has also seen a slight facelift to fit the theme better.

Our Thoughts on Imperial Quest

We fell in love with Dream Catcher when it first came out. Imperial Quest uses the same fun and straightforward gameplay loop, so it was guaranteed to win us over. You can enjoy the multiplier madness and potential big wins with a brand new theme. If what you have read in this review sounds attractive, we urge you to check out this release.