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Lucky wheels have been present in many online casinos. We have seen many variations in the concept over the years. However, the core part of lucky wheels remains the same. Spin the big wheel and hope you get lucky!

Playtech’s Live Spin a Win does a great job of keeping the core concept fun while adding new features. Is this game fun enough to draw you in?

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How to Play Live Spin a Win

You play this game with a big money wheel with 54 segments. On this money wheel, each segment displays one of six numbers. Available numbers include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. Each number pays its equivalent value. That means number five on the wheel pays 5x when won. Players place bets trying to predict what number the wheel will pick. The bigger the number is, the less likely it is to appear.

Another option you can use is to place side bets. You can predict that the wheel will stop on an odd number, an even number, or a multiplier. There are fewer even numbers than odd numbers on the wheel, so the even side bet pays more.

Players can place the main bet as well as place the other three side bets. The regular bets are six in number and payouts of these bets are displayed on the screen itself. The three side bets can be placed on the wheel stopping on an Odd number, an Even number, or on a multiplier. The payouts for main bets and side bets differ.

Once the betting round is over, the game host now spins the wheel. If the wheel stops on your bet, you win. There are 30 odd numbers and 21 even numbers. The numbers on the wheel appear a different number of times. Here’s the payout for each number:

  • Number 1 appears 23 times and pays the same amount each time.
  • Number 2 appears 15 times, it pays 2:1.
  • The number 5 appears seven times and pays out at a 5:1 ratio.
  • The number 10 appears three times and pays off at a 10:1 ratio.
  • The number 20 appears twice and pays off at a 20:1 ratio.
  • The number 40 appears only once and pays a 40:1 payout.

The payouts for side bets are:

  • An Odd number- 0.75
  • An Even number- 1.25
  • Multiplier- 25:1

The multipliers are 2x and 7x. These take up 2 segments of the wheel. Whenever you hit a multiplier, your initial bet is carried forward to the next spin.

Game Features

The game is a fairly simple game. Hence, there are not a lot of features to be explained. However, Win a Spin does have the basic features.

The wheel has two multipliers present. One increases your payout by 2x, while the other increases by 7x. When the wheel lands on the spin, it adds the multiplier, and the host spins the wheel again. It is possible to score several multipliers. When that happens, they add together and can produce an impressive win! You do not need to play the multiplier side bet to benefit from the multiplier.

There is also an auto-play option for the players. If you find a bet combination to be great you could set your bets on auto-play.

Live Spin a Win’s highest RTP bet is the Odd side bet. It has a 97.22% RTP. Meanwhile, the highest main bet RTP is the number ten. It has a 96.58% RTP.


There is no guaranteed strategy that will offer you win every time but you can use strategies to maximize your winnings. The RTP offered by Odd Side Bets is the highest. And when it comes to main bets, the main bet is number 2. This has an RTP of 95.51%.

So, if you place a combination bet of these two you could get the best results. If the winning bet is odd, you win. Even if it isn’t then an even number 2 is likely to come up. It would be a loss but not a greater one.

Video Performance

Playtech is an experienced developer, and the video performance reflects that. The backdrop is dark and colorful, which allows the presenter and the wheel to stand out. Video quality is top-notch, and multiple camera angles ensure you can keep track of the action.

Our Thoughts on Live Spin a Win

A game does not have to be complicated to be incredibly fun. Live Spin a Win offers the excitement of lucky wheels and adds side bets and multipliers into the mix. It helps Playtech pull ahead of its competition and creates a top-tier experience. If you are looking for something straightforward and entertaining, we highly recommend this live casino game!