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Based on the famous UK TV program, Money Drop Live is a new live game show launched by Playtech. In most games, winning money is difficult but Money drop makes it difficult for you to keep the money! Sounds interesting? Keep reading to find out more.

Usual gambling games begin with nothing on your part and winnings by the end. Money Drop works in reverse. You win a certain sum from the Money Drop Wheel bets and then you go through Money Drop rounds wherein either you keep the money or lose it.

The biggest possible payout for this game is 5000x your stake but it’s not easy to get. Money Drop Live features a wheel with 54 fields, 51 multiplier fields, and three Card Clash portions that lead to eight different Money games.

Where to play Money Drop Live

How to Play Money Drop Live

Understanding how to play money drop live can be a little tricky. Let’s begin by talking about each component of the game.

The first important and visible component is the Money Drop Wheel. This wheel consists of fifty different columns, amongst which there are multipliers as well as card clash game columns as well.

This wheel is your entryway to the game rounds. If you wager on all of the wheel’s sectors, you’ll be guaranteed a spot in the money drop round or card clash. The host spins the wheel, and the direction of spin can be changed between gambling rounds.

Next comes the Money Drop Games. There are four zones in the Money Drop. The goal of this game is to bet money on one or more zones and pray that the money does not get dropped during the money drop.

Whatever money that remains after the money drop is either given to you or goes to the next game drop round. This depends on the game you’re playing. After all Money Drop rounds are over, whatever money is left is yours to keep.

Here are all the Money Drop Games:

  • 8x Multiplier Quick Drop Game – You are only permitted to drop money on one zone in this game.
  • 15x Multiplier One Drop Game – Spread money among four zones in this game.
  • 30x Multiplier One Drop Game – In this game, you can place your money in one of four drop zones.
  • 100x Multiplier Two Drop Game – Money can be placed in four zones, with two drop rounds included.
  • 250x Multiplier Two Drop Game – You must complete two drop rounds and keep your money in this round.
  • 1000x Multiplier Three Drop Game – Three drop rounds for 1000x should be played here.
  • 2500x Multiplier Three Drop Game – You can take the largest sum as part of this round.

Now comes the Card Clash Game Round. There are three columns on the wheel which are your entryway to the Card Clash Game. This game is played with 52 cards. There are two playing positions; blue and pink. Players can choose whatever position they want to play.

There are three playing rounds and the dealer distributes one card to Blue and then one to Pink. Whichever position gets the highest card, wins the round. The multiplier is awarded to the winner. This continues for the next two rounds as well. When the game ends players will be awarded one of the following multipliers:

  • 1 win pays 5x
  • 2 wins pay 15x
  • 3 wins pay 95x
  • 3 ties pay 1000x to every position.

Winning Zone Side Bet

One interesting feature about this game is this one. This bet is available for the players who have either not placed the main game bet or who have lost their bets in the drop rounds. To place this side bet you need to select a chip and place it into any one Drop Zones.

The winning bet’s payouts are:

  • One Zone Wins- 2.9:1
  • Two Zones Win- 0.95:1

Game Features

This live casino game has some interesting features like in-game statistics, auto stack as well as autoplay.

The auto stack option is to let the computer decide for you. When you select this option, you are asked how many zones you would want to cover. Then the game itself selects the zones and divides your money in the most efficient way across the zones.

The auto-play option is used in case you want to play the same bets for a certain number of game rounds. This makes sure you are not missing any game round. Players can still choose the zones they would want to play in.

The In-game statistics provide you with statistics about the game. These statistics aren’t always foolproof but could help you a little bit. However, do not make your decisions based on these statistics.

RTP and Volatility

The return to player (RTP) for Money Drop Live differs amongst all betting segments. The RTPs range from 94.40% to 96.48%. Since the game involves decision-making mostly on the part of the players, the volatility is controlled by the players themselves.

The Card Clash Game is the only game that provides the best RTP of 96.48%. The best betting sector is 8x Quick Drop, which has 37.03% odds and an RTP of 96.02%.

The poorest option is to wager on a 2500x round, which has 1.85% odds and an RTP of 94.04%.


There are various strategies that players can use in different segments of the game. The most common strategy is the Conservative strategy, under this strategy players aim to stay in each money drop round. This can be done only if you cover all zones by playing bets. You can select auto-play in order to distribute the money out optimally.

Another strategy is to bet only on one zone in each money drop round. When you use this strategy there is a 25% chance of picking correctly each time, this strategy succeeds when you win up to 3 times in a row.

Another strategy is related to the initial betting on the game wheel. You have eight different bets to choose from. You will be guaranteed access to the bonus round if you wager on all eight places. With a 37.03 percent chance, the 8x Quick Drop is the greatest bet.