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In recent years, the Swedish company Evolution has dominated the market when it comes to live casino games. But slowly the competition is catching up. Stakelogic does this impressively with their wonderful roulette variant, Super Stake Roulette.

Gambling online has many advantages. One of the advantages is that you can play all kinds of beautiful variants of the well-known table games, which you won’t find anywhere in the real casinos on the mainland. Global gamblers are super excited about this fun way of gambling online.

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Super Stake Roulette

Every now and then games appear in the online casinos that become super popular. Examples are almost all live casino games from the super provider from Sweden, Evolution. Games like Crazy Time and Lightning Roulette have been mega popular on the internet for years. Now another provider comes with a wonderful live casino game. Stakelogic, a Dutch provider presents Super Stake Roulette, a super live roulette variant, that looks a lot like Lightning Roulette, but goes a little further with the multipliers.

Super Stake Roulette vanuit de Stakelogic Studio
The Live Studio at Stalogic with a live host presenting Super Stake Roulette

How to play Super Stake Roulette

Time needed: 3 minutes

Super Stake Roulette is a live roulette variant designed by Stakelogic, a Dutch company by origin and provider of online slots. This company saw the popularity of live casino games and decided to change course. This provider is originally a Dutch company that focuses on developing online slots. But Stakelogic also saw that the popularity of live casino games was increasing. So they decided to focus on this popular way of gambling online as well. Their first variant of live roulette is Super Stake Roulette. Here we explain how the game works and how to play it.

  1. Go to the live casino section and choose Super Stake Roulette

    Go to an online casino that offers Stakelogic’s live games. At the moment, this is only the Dutch casino BetCity. As of August 20, the game will be available at all kinds of casinos worldwide. Once you’re in the live casino section, you click on the game in the lobby you will be taken to Stakelogic’s live studio. Here a live dealer will present the game.
    Super Stake Roulette ht1

  2.  Place your bets

    Super Stake Roulette has all the betting options that regular roulette has as well. However, you should note that the multipliers only apply to bets on whole numbers.

    At the bottom, you have the choice of different chips to place bets with. The value of the chips ranges from €0.20 to €1000. The maximum bet on a full number is €100.
    Super Stake Roulette ht2

  3. Enable Super Stake

    You have the option to turn on the Super Stake prior to the game. This ensures that you get more multipliers plus the chance to spin the wheel with large multipliers. Turning on Super Stake does mean that your straight up bets are automatically increased by 50%.
    Super Stake Roulette ht3

  4. Silver numbers, gold numbers, Money Wheel.

    If you choose to play without Super Stake, you will get 1 to 5 silver numbers each game with a multiplier ranging from 50x to 750x. If the winning number is a silver number and you have made a straight up bet on this number, the multiplier is immediately applied to your bet. Silver numbers are for all players regardless of whether they have chosen the Super Stake.

    If players choose Super Stake then they will also receive 1 to 5 golden numbers each spin with a multiplier of 100x to 1000x. There is also always a number with the chance of winning the Money Wheel when playing with Super Stake.
    Super Stake Roulette ht4

  5. 20 Seconds to place your bets

    Each game you have 20 seconds to place your bets. There is also a button that allows you to place the same bets as the previous spin. This saves a lot of time. After the 20-second betting time, the ball starts spinning and the silver numbers and the gold numbers are determined with the multipliers and also the number associated with the wheel of fortune.
    Super Stake Roulette ht5

  6. The ball stops, and prizes are paid

    After a number of spins, the ball stops on a number. If the number is a silver or golden number, the corresponding multiplier is applied to the payout. If the number in question has been selected as the Money Wheel number, then the live dealer spins the wheel with the multipliers. Now it is possible to win 5000x your bet. After the payout a new game starts immediately.
    Super Stake Roulette ht6

Reply to XXXTreme Lightning Roulette

Super Stake Roulette from Stakelogic is the answer to XXXTreme Lightning Roulette from Evolution. Stakelogic does have some pleasant differences. The maximum multiplier in Super Stake Roulette is no less than 5000x and in Evolution’s variant, the maximum multiplier is 2000x.

The Money Wheel combined with multipliers for roulette is also new. Stakelogic is definitely going to score with that.


Super Stake Roulette is a live roulette variant produced by Stakelogic. The game is based on European roulette with multipliers as high as 5000x.

The maximum multiplier is 5000x for a bet on a full number. The maximum bet on a full number is €100, which makes a maximum win of €500,000 per game.

No, you can’t. It is a live casino game and all live casino games can only be played for real money.

Currently, the Dutch casino BetCity has exclusivity for the game. As of mid-August 2022, the game can be offered worldwide. Casinos must then enter into a partnership with Stakelogic.