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The name of this Playtech live show makes a bold claim. So we decided to check whether it was really that great or just an empty promise.

With the rise in popularity of live casino game shows, the leading software developers work hard to implement fresh and creative ideas. Playtech is a company whose development team knows how to think outside the box.

The Greatest Cards Show is one of the more ambitious releases from Playtech. Despite what its name suggests, no actual cards are used in this game. Instead, a big wheel determines the outcome of a bet. The wheel is unique and sits horizontally, like in roulette. On the other hand, RNG jumps into action in some bonus rounds. A card show without cards? Let’s see how that works.

Here You Can Play The Greatest Cards Show by Playtech

How to Play The Greatest Cards Show

Time needed: 4 minutes

The Greatest Cards Show is a new live show release from Playtech. Continue reading to learn how to play it.

  1. Go to the game lobby and find The Greatest Cards Show

    Visit any online casino site powered by Playtech, and navigate to its live casino section. Click on the game, and you’ll immediately be taken to the developer’s live studio in Latvia.

    The Greatest Cards Show LC24 howto1

  2. Choose the amount you want to play with

    In the middle of your screen, there appear chips with different values on them. Choose the chip with the amount you would like to play with.
    The Greatest Cards Show LC24 howto2

  3. Place your Bets

    You can place bets on specific numbers which cover each suit. In total, there are four units to cover a single number. You can also choose a range of numbers or individual cards. The circle on the left allows you to place multiple bets in one click. The same goes for the betting options on the bottom left.
    The Greatest Cards Show LC24 howto3

  4. Opening the Curtain

    After the betting has ended, a curtain will open to reveal between 3 to 12 dancing playing cards. The cards are randomly chosen and appear bordered in Silver or Gold.
    The Greatest Cards Show LC24 howto4

  5. Spinning the Wheel

    The dealer spins the wheel, which starts from the last winning position and in the opposite direction from the previous spin. There are five possible outcomes:
    –          If the wheel stops on the card you bet on, you’ll receive a prize of 40x the stake.
    –          If the wheel stops on the card you didn’t bet on, you lose
    –          If the wheel stops on a card with a silver border, the Spotlight Bonus Round is triggered.
    –          If the wheel stops on a card with a gold border, the Lightshow Bonus Round is triggered.
    –          If the wheel stops on the Joker card, another spin is awarded to determine who’ll participate in the Joker’s Bonus game.

    The Greatest Cards Show LC24 howto5

The wheel is divided into 54 segments, meaning there’s a 54:1 chance it will stop on the card you bet on. The segments are arranged based on card rank and suit, making it easier to target specific parts of the wheel. There are 52 segments containing playing cards, while two are Joker cards. The Greatest Cards Show has an RTP of 96.67%.

Bonus rounds

The Greatest Cards Show offers three bonus rounds.

The Spotlights round

The Spotlight round is activated after you win a bet on a card with a silver outline. Once the game is triggered, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch it play out. The winning card appears on the screen as a character and then walks towards one of three spotlights. Each contains a multiplier ranging from 50x to 2,000x.

The Light Show bonus

The Light Show bonus is triggered in a similar way. The winning bet has to be on a card with a gold outline. Once the game starts, you’ll choose between three light bulbs. A 5×4 grid appears on the screen, with each spot receiving a random multiplier ranging from 50x to 2,000x. A colored spot will move across the grid in a random pattern, landing on a multiplier to determine your payout.

The Joker bonus

The Joker bonus is played whenever the wheel lands on the Joker. A bet plays no part in activating this game, as it’s not possible to place a wager on the Joker segment. Another spin determines who’ll participate in this battle between four card suits. At the start of the game, each is assigned a multiplier of up to 1,000x. You’ll choose a suit, and then the battle begins. Everyone who takes part in the Joker bonus will claim a multiplier assigned to their respective cards, meaning profit is guaranteed.

Strategy for playing The Greatest Cards Show

Just like any other casino game, The Greatest Cards Show is a game with a house edge for the casino. This means in the long run, the casino will win. But there are strategies to keep the house edge at a minimum and this will result in moments when you are up and winning. It takes a lot of discipline to stop while you’re ahead. Just keep in mind that it should be fun playing this game and it can/will cost you some to play the game.

The payout for predicting the right outcome of the game is 40x, that is if there is no bonus hit. There are 54 segments, but two of them are always good because they are jokers so the chance is 52:1 to get it right. That gives the casino a big advantage, but you as a player get a lot of this back through the bonus games.

So the best strategy is to cover a lot of cards. But in our experience, it’s of no use to cover all cards, this way you’ll need a very big bankroll. So to keep your chances open and your bankroll healthy we recommend playing half the wheel. This way you’ll win on a regular basis and you need to get a little lucky with the bonuses.

Video Performance

The Greatest Cards Show boasts high-quality visuals, although we expect nothing less from Playtech. The background imagery is brightly colored, with a glitzy neon sign taking center stage. It feels like a genuine Las Vegas show, while elegant hosts add to the atmosphere. High-definition cameras and multiple angles allow players to capture the heart of the action, delivering an immersive and engaging experience.

Our Thoughts on The Greatest Cards Show

The Greatest Cards Show is a fantastic choice for fans of live roulette. Its gameplay looks and feels like roulette, while additional elements make it a distinctive proposal. The bonus games are entertaining and rewarding, although they could have been more interactive. All in all, The Greatest Cards Show is a game show we gladly recommend.


The Greatest Cards Show is a live casino game from Playtech. It uses a big horizontal wheel and has three RNG-powered bonus games.

The release has an RTP of 96.67%

The maximum multiplier in the Greatest Cards Show is 5,000x.

You can take on this exciting game show at every live casino powered by Playtech.

Yes, you can. The game is optimised for mobile and can be played across all platforms.

You certainly can! In the long run, it’s not easy to win any casino game, but we describe a good strategy on our page that will give you a decent chance of getting upfront now and then.

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