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Nowadays, many live casino players have got “Lightning Fever”. People that are familiar with live casino games, know exactly what we mean. A few years ago, Evolution developed a spectacular new roulette game: Lightning Roulette. Every game lightning strikes and some numbers are hit with multipliers. This way it’s possible to win very big. A very exciting concept.

Lightning Roulette has become very popular because players love the lightning concept. That’s why Evolution developed more and more Lightning Games, like Lightning Blackjack, Lightning Baccarat, and also Lightning Dice. Because a group of players wanted to get more extreme multipliers, the company came up with a new concept: XXXTreme Lightning Games.

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What is XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat?

Just like the other XXXTreme lightning games, this Baccarat variant comes with extreme multipliers. Underlying this variant is the normal game of Live Baccarat. We will leave the exact rules of baccarat here. If you do not already know them, we advise you not to play the extreme version. You should read our our page on live baccarat first, to learn the rules of this beautiful card game.

The XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat Live Studio

As in regular baccarat, the goal is to predict whether the player or the banker is closest to 9 points with 2 or 3 cards. So far, nothing is different with the XXXTreme version. However, cards are pre-selected by lightning and therefore receive high multipliers. If one of these Lightning Cards in play becomes part of the Player or The Banker’s hand, and that hand wins, the multiplier becomes active on your bet.

XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat Live is easily an aggressive version of Lightning Baccarat. Larger multipliers can provide extreme payouts. That’s what the gamblers like.

The Multipliers

Just like Lightning Baccarat, this game is all about the multipliers. But this time the multipliers are more extreme.

After the betting time period has expired, the Lightning Round starts. Each Lightning Round features 1–5 randomly generated Lightning Cards from a virtual 52-card deck, plus randomly generated payout multipliers for each Lightning Card.

The Lightning Cards with multipliers are shown in the user interface before the dealing of the cards in the main Baccarat game.

In XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat the multipliers can add up to an extreme amount of 2100x your bet.


This new live casino game is the most exciting game of Baccarat ever made. It’s a “normal” game of Baccarat with some extreme multipliers.

You can get some insane multipliers. The maximum win per game is capped at €500,000

Absolutely, all Evolution Live Casino Games can be played on your mobile device as well as on your desktop.

We expect that this game will be playable in online casinos in Q3 2023.

The game is developed by the well-known developer Evolution. Evolution makes great live casino games.

Not really, since this is a game of chance, luck must be on your side. The only strategy you can use is a betting strategy.

Just like Lightning Baccarat, the RTP of this game will be close to 98,76%