How to Play Everybody’s Jackpot Live Game Show from Playtech

Playtech has been the leading force behind live slots, and for a good reason. Over the years, the company has produced countless video slots that won over audiences worldwide. Translating them into a live dealer setting was a natural fit, especially seeing the success of previous live slots. The latest game offered up by Playtech is Everybody’s Jackpot Live.

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The initial video slot succeeded due to the unique way it handles jackpots. One player wins most of it, and the remaining portion gets shared among other players. This nifty feature and much more are brought over in Everybody’s Jackpot Live.

How to Play Everybody’s Jackpot Live

You play this game on four 3×3 slot boards that spin simultaneously. The goal of this live slot is to land three matching symbols in a line. You will receive a different cash prize depending on which icons formed the winning combination.

If one symbol wins on more than one winning line, it benefits from the Main Game Boost. The boost multiplies the win multiplier by the number of winning lines.

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Activating the live slot’s extra features requires landing three or more Scatters. Scatters can appear on any board. The more Scatters you collect, the more multipliers or free spins you receive from bonus rounds. What feature you receive is determined by a wheel spin.

Playtech gives you the option to activate the Double Up optional feature. It increases wagering costs by 50% and boosts all multipliers during the bonus rounds.

Everybody’s Jackpot Live Extra Features

The game has several features that can boost your payouts. Bonus rounds include Free Games, Walters Bubble Bar, Pick Me Plaza, and the Block bonus round.

Free Games is the most straightforward of the four extra features, played on a single 3×3 slot. You get five to thirty free spins based on how many Scatters activated the bonus. A Wild is present in the middle of the playing field for the entire duration of the feature.

Walters Bubble Bar lets you pick between three colored bubbles, each containing a multiplier. Pick a bubble to receive your multiplier. Multipliers can range from 1x to 25x. The game then spins the reels of a 4×4 grid. The goal is to collect as many Walter icons as possible. Your multiplier multiplies with the total number of Walters to award the final reward for this extra feature.

The Bonuses

Pick Me Plaza is played on a 4×4 playing field, on which five delicious drinks can appear. Each beverage has a set multiplier value, from 3x to 10x. The grid is blank, requiring you to click or tap tiles to reveal the drinks hidden beneath. The multipliers are added up and then get multiplied by the multiplier boost. The multiplier boost is determined based on how many Scatters triggered the bonus.

You play the Block bonus on a cube, with each side displaying a 3×3 playing field. You pick top, middle, or bottom, hoping to land a prize or an arrow to advance you further. The goal is to get as far along the Block as possible without encountering the X symbol. Each column has a multiplier value, increasing the further you get. As with the Pick Me Plaza bonus, triggering Scatters provide a multiplier boost.

Everybody’s Jackpot Live Progressive Jackpots

This release has two progressive jackpots: the daily and grand jackpot. Both jackpots trigger randomly during main gameplay and benefit everyone. The player who activates the jackpot gets 50% of its value. The remaining players share the other 50% based on a proportion of their bet amount relative to everyone else.

As its name implies, the daily jackpot triggers once a day. Meanwhile, the grand jackpot fires randomly after reaching a set amount. Playtech funds the initial pot, after which player contributions boost their value.

Everybody’s Jackpot Live decides the winner through a process of elimination. Players get split into four groups: Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs. One group is randomly selected to move forward, while others are eliminated. The remaining players then get split into four groups again, repeating until one player remains.

Playtech has done a great job bringing one of its classics to the live casino space. If you enjoyed previous live slots, we recommend checking this title out!