Introducing New Evolution Dice-Baccarat Game Bac Bo Live: How to Play & Payouts

Baccarat has exploded in popularity long before live casinos became a thing. As such, it was one of the very first games adapted to the new style of casino games. In the years since baccarat’s popularity has not faded one bit. It has become mandatory for every new software provider competing in the live dealer space. The game also produced countless variants that seek either to shake things up or to simplify its gameplay.

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The idea of baccarat variants is nothing new. As always, Evolution finds a way to put its own spin on things. Even on ideas that have been done countless times before! Bac Bo delivers a similar style of gameplay with one key difference. Instead of using cards to determine the results, everything is handled using dice. Which is no doubt the reason why Evolution chose a name similar to another popular casino dice game: Sic Bo.

How to Play Bac Bo Live

Bac Bo Live is played on a simple table. It features four dice shakers, each one with a single die on it. Dice in the player section are blue, while dice in the banker section are red. It has a simple gameplay loop that makes it popular among staff.

Every round begins with players placing their bets. Casino members can predict that the round will end in either the banker or the player positions winning. Alternatively, players can predict that the round will end in a tie. Choose one of the coin values from the bottom of the screen. Then, place them on one of the three bet positions. Wagering has to be done during the allocated period. Once the timer runs out, you cannot place more bets.

Once all bets are down the round proceeds further. The four dice shakers will start to bounce the dice around. Dice shakers stop one by one, following a set pattern. The first dice on the player’s side stops first. The first banker dice stops after it. Then, the game checks what side currently has the advantage. If the player is in the lead, their dice will stop first. If the banker is ahead, their dice are the next to stop.

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This is done by Evolution intentionally to add to the excitement of every round. It works well. Especially if the lead keeps swapping between banker and player throughout. The game determines the result of each round by comparing the two-dice total for both sides. If the player or banker has a better two-dice total, their side wins the round. Otherwise, the round ends in a tie.

Bac Bo Live Features & Payouts

Players hunting for bonus rounds will not find any here. Evolution opted for simplicity rather than variety in this game. As such, Bac Bo Live features no special features. It is a shame. We think something like predicting the dice total would make a fun side bet. Unfortunately, the developers opted for a different approach.

That does not mean Evolution slacked off when it came to Bac Bo Live. The team spent the effort into making multiple roads available for their latest release. Bead roads, derived roads, and the big road are all available for players to use. Through roads, players can search for hot and cold patterns. While far from a detailed strategy, it does give us some level of control.

If you do not want to use roads, no need to worry. Evolution also has a statistics section you can use to track the results of previous rounds. The page shows how many player or banker wins and ties occurred for the past fifty rounds. The betting user interface also displays how many people are wagering on each option. If you are not using hot and cold numbers, you can use this to follow where the majority is betting.

Finally, players can decide what wager to play depending on payouts. The player and banker both have the same chance of winning. As such, the reward they grant if they win is also equal. Both pay 1:1 when a win is formed. Tie bets have a lower chance of winning, but offer better payouts because of that. The exact payout varies depending on what numbers caused the tie.

  • 6, 7, or 8 ties pay 4:1
  • 5 or 9 ties pay 6:1
  • 4 or 10 ties pay 10:1
  • 3 or 11 ties pay 25:1
  • 2 or 12 ties pay 88:1