Live Dealer Games vs RNG Games: Pros and Cons

Live casino games have gone from an interesting novelty to a unique gaming experience like no other. That said, the games on offer usually overlap from RNG-powered casino games of old. Both sides have their advantages, and we will discuss the pros and cons of playing each one today.

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The divide is not nearly as neat and clean as it was a few years ago.With live dealer titles growing and new software providers entering the ring, we have seen a string of innovative releases. The decision between which type of release you should go for is growing increasingly difficult as a result. However, by breaking it down into its most basic forms, we can make a decision.

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Game Selection

Just a few years ago, we would have been able to call this for RNG games easily. After all, they have a historical advantage. To this day, some rare variants of your favourite casino games only exist as RNG-powered titles. This mostly comes down to poker, but many other games are similar. Due to higher costs, live casino games will usually not offer less profitable releases.

However, Evolution Gaming and other software providers have been hard at work changing this.Thanks to the rise of live casino game shows, live dealer titles have their own unique releases now.Playtech’s live slots are another big plus for live casinos, as are Ezugi’s latest offerings. Both sides have excellent games they offer players.

Social Experience

This category is something live casino games take easily. RNG-powered tables have good visuals, but they cannot match reality. Seeing the action unfold in front of you at a crisp, the high resolution makes it that much more immersive. As is the possibility to chat with the dealer and other players! If you want to share your excitement, live dealer releases are the way to go.


Players want their experience to be as convenient as possible. They want to take their times arranging wagers. If needed, they want to take a break, and return to find their seat at the table still available. Live casino games have done a lot to improve player convenience. Evolution’s Instant Roulette eliminates limited betting times and makes results appear near instantly, for example.

Despite these additions, RNG casino games still reign supreme. You can leave them running for hours, and you will always be able to play. You do not have to worry about betting times or finding an empty seat at a table.Live casino games still have a long way to go if they hope to beat their rival in this field.

Demo Mode

Due to the higher costs of running live dealer games, they do not offer demo versions. This is in stark contrast to RNG releases, which give us the option to try them without paying. This is the perfect way to try a game without spending any money on it. It is a shame this never caught on with live casino software providers. For the moment, this is a major plus for RNG-powered games, as live dealers lack the equivalent.

Betting Limits

For the same reasons, live casino releases usually cost more than their RNG-powered counterparts. It takes more money to maintain cameras and a physical location. Bills have to be paid, as do dealer salaries. All of this ramps up over time, and causes minimum bets in many tables to be higher when compared to RNG games.

That said, live dealer releases have been getting a lot better about this. Recently launched tables have drastically lowered their asking price to start playing. While they still cannot match RNG-powered tables just yet, this may be something we see improve over time. Just like we have with available games!

Which One to Pick?

While both sides have their advantages, we cannot say that either one is truly better than the other. Live dealer games have had many flaws in the past, but have improved greatly over the years. This transformation was something we at were able to see up close! What started as a niche genre has become the main attraction slowly but surely!

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Overall, we look forward to seeing how the situation evolves in a few years. We only expect live dealer games to continue growing in the meantime. In the meantime, both live casino and RNG-powered tables offer their own charms and are worth your time and money.