Pragmatic Play Mega Wheel: Tutorial

Pragmatic Play is well known to casino members as a slot provider. However, they were never afraid to experiment with something new. The initial launch of their live casino library was high quality, if a bit too safe. Now, the developer is branching out into more niche titles that live dealer punters enjoy. Their latest game is Mega Wheel, which draws inspiration from Big 6 and Money Wheel.

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The initial announcement of Pragmatic Play’s Mega Wheel drew a lot of excitement when it first appeared. Now, we have finally had an opportunity to play a few rounds and try out what this release has to offer. In this article, we will teach you all there is to know about this exciting new game. If you are looking for something fun and simple, it is a fantastic choice. It also comes with excellent rewards, up to 500x!

Layout and Bets

All the action takes place on a colourful, fifty-four segment wheel. The wheel is split into nine different numbers, each one offering a different payout. However, not all numbers appear with the same frequency. Certain numbers appear more times, while others only appear once. The wheel spins, picking one of those nine numbers to be the winning number for that round. Our goal is correctly predicting that number!

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In general, the more times a number appears on the wheel, the less valuable it is to win. Meanwhile, the higher the payout, the less times that number appears on the board. We can see this rather obviously if we break down the fifty-four segments based on how frequently they appear.

  • Number one appears twenty times, and pays 1:1
  • Number two appears thirteen times, and pays 2:1
  • Number five appears seven times, and pays 5:1
  • Number eight appears four times, and pays 8:1
  • Number ten appears four times, and pays 10:1
  • Number fifteen appears two times, and pays 15:1
  • Number twenty appears two times, and pays 20:1
  • Number thirty appears once, and pays 30:1
  • Number forty appears once, and pays 40:1

The value of each number corresponds to its payout. One grants a 1:1 payout, five offers a 5:1 reward, and so on. If you correctly guess what number will be drawn next, you will win the round. Failing to do results in a loss.

Mega Wheel Multipliers

One of the stand out special features that sets Pragmatic Play’s Mega Wheel apart from its competition are multipliers. These are assigned using a random number generator. There is no pattern to when a multiplier will be awarded. Different numbers have a different possible maximum multiplier.

If you bet on the number one, it can reach a maximum payout of 100x. The number two can go up to 200x. Numbers five, eight and ten share the top prize of 250x when multiplied. Finally, numbers fifteen, twenty, thirty and forty have a top reward of 500x your total stake. This means you will need to turn to numbers that are drawn less often in order to win big.

RTP and Chances of Winning

According to Pragmatic Play, the RTP for Mega Wheel is 96.51%. This is above average for game show casino titles. However, it still lags behind the biggest casino games like blackjack and baccarat. One caveat worth mentioning is that the RTP takes into account multipliers. If you seem to be running a dry streak as far as boosted wins go, your RTP will be lower.

Our staff at approached this release in two ways. The simpler option was to bet on all numbers. This works out if you get a strong multiplier win early on. However, this betting strategy is high risk and not very reliable. This is why many players, including us, used a selection of numbers.

We used a mix of numbers that were likely to appear, and numbers that could grant an impressive payout. For example, five bets on number one, two on number five, one on number ten and one on number twenty.

If you want to make your own selection, our list below tells you the probability to win for all available numbers.

  • Number one – 37.03%
  • Number two – 24.07%
  • Number five – 12.96%
  • Numbers eight & ten – 7.40%
  • Numbers fifteen & twenty – 3.70%
  • Numbers thirty & forty – 1.85%