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Not to be mistaken with EA Games, an often hated (and rightfully so, mind you) video game studio, EA Gaming is one of the fastest-growing live casino software providers. And this isn’t just in their home continent of Asia – they’ve been making waves all over the world. For this reason, we felt like we had no other choice but to appease our readers and come out with an EA Gaming live casino review.

The company was founded in 2004, which means they’re far from rookies in this business. From the jump, their strategy was to collaborate with the best online casinos. Using this form of promotion as a boost, EA Gaming has managed to traverse several different eras of live dealer software. Today, they boast some of the most scintillating software available, and you’re going to see why are they regarded so highly. Afterwards, you can give them a try.

EA Gaming Live Dealer Table Portfolio

Unsurprisingly, EA Gaming formed its portfolio around mostly traditional Asian games. LiveCasino24 loves to see this, frankly. We’re tired of software suppliers constantly recycling the same versions of roulette and blackjack over and over again. Don’t get us wrong, though – we love these iconic games. But every once in a while, everyone can use some variety. EA Gaming does this masterfully because they’re aware of their players’ interests. As a result, we have a delightful mish-mash of various tables, all pertaining to a number of different games. Where do we begin?

Our favorite would probably be Live Baccarat. It’s EA’s take on the version with traditional rules, but they just couldn’t resist adding a bit of their own flair. Therefore, you’ll see features such as Big and Small, No Commission, and Super 6. The game is listed as a single title, but we’ve seen a small amount of variation between tables. Also, you’ll notice that there are plenty of VIP tables. These feature higher betting limits, making them a nice opportunity for high rollers to show what they’re made of.

Next, we have a nice collection of roulette tables. Live Dealer Roulette is an excellent example of how roulette can look when done right. The screen is separated into four parts – two camera angles of the wheel, the main betting area, and the bottom, which is reserved for multiple stats categories.

It’s immediately clear that EA Gaming live casino games emphasize stats and the technical aspect of casino tables. Not only can you see historical data up to 100 spins before, but there are also percentages, black vs. red ratio, and several other details. At any given moment, you can find out exactly what’s been going on. And with stellar graphics and a stellar European wheel, that knowledge will definitely come in handy. Auto Roulette is also great, especially if you want to avoid

You can also give Live Sic-bo a try. This lovely dice game has only become popular in Europe recently, mainly because it reminds players of craps. What’s interesting about this particular iteration is the fact that the dice are GIANT, meaning there’s no need for constant zoom-ins by the camera. The rest of the table is covered with the interface, along with a plethora of side bets. It’s incredibly easy to find your way around.

There’s also Ultimate Blackjack and Live Bull-Bull. The blackjack tables are absolutely mint, and probably the best version to come from an Asian studio. EA Gaming also took a swing at Bull-Bull, which is rarely seen online these days. For such an experimental title, they’ve done an amazing job.

EA Gaming Software Features

The first thing we would like to mention is not necessarily a feature, but more a collection of features. Because everything is so clean and well put-together, we believe EA Gaming live casino games are the perfect choice for any beginner. There’s enough information for you to jump straight in, without the need to read a thousand tutorials. And this “feature” is present throughout EA’s catalog. User-friendliness is definitely one of their strong suits.

Another thing we noticed was the lightweight nature of the platform. The API can be easily integrated into any online casino. Additionally, there are options for connecting various eWallets, banking gateways, and other payment options. You’ll also love the fact that the dealers are talkative and regularly make jokes. All the ladies are fluent in English, but you can select any other language to view the platform in.

As for cross-platform gameplay, this is possible as well. All EA Gaming live dealer tables are built using HTML5, the latest version of this iconic markup language. This makes it easier for operators to host tables to players on their tablets and smartphones. If your casino choice has an app, you can most definitely partake.

Is EA Gaming a Good Software Provider?

It’s hard to say whether a software provider is good or not. This is because everyone has a different taste, and what one player might like, the others might not. However, you can’t deny that EA Gaming live casino games possess many of the most desirable qualities a supplier can have. The interface is user-friendly at every single table. All the streams are HD, but they don’t eat up a lot of RAM. So, even if you have an older device, the lightweight nature of the software won’t put a strain on the device.

The only downside we noticed was the fact that there are less than 10 games available to you. Sure, we don’t expect every studio to be at the level of Evolution or Pragmatic Play, but it would be nice to see them ramp up the production a little bit. Still, we won’t blame them for releasing frequently. EA Gaming tables can be found at all the biggest online casinos. The quality of the provider, plus the environment of a premium website, will certainly keep you entertained. LC24 has no other choice but to give them high scores. Our team loves the tables, and you will too, most likely. Enjoy!