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You have probably come across Skywind Group if you have played various casino games before. The developer has a significant presence in the iGaming space, including live dealer games. However, they are not a business that targets consumers directly. Instead, Skywind Group opts for a B2B approach to business. The team makes games and makes them available through other developers and operators. It is a novel approach, but it has worked out well for this software provider.

Since 2012, the company has drastically expanded. Nowadays, you can play its releases in many different countries! Skywind Group has licenses issued by many regulatory bodies, including the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. All of these signs point to a talented and experienced software provider. Will Skywind Group rise to the occasion?

Is Skywind Group a Good Software Provider?

If we were looking at Skywind Group as a whole, we could quickly answer yes to this question. However, our review primarily considers the live dealer side of things. On that front, the software provider’s selection is a bit thinner. Skywind’s live section only has two live casino games: live baccarat and live roulette. Admittedly, the company does give us multiple versions of these titles. For example, you can enjoy squeeze, speed, and regular baccarat tables here. Casino members have some options, but they are still limited.

Skywind Group has some great live dealer games

Skywind Group has some great live dealer games

Still, the limited number of games does not stop Skywind Group’s experience from shining through. The developer does a great job of drawing your attention through various side bets and special wagers. All Skywind Group games are available through a single lobby page. The team’s platform displays live interactions and real-time stats. Additionally, Skywind Group localizes its games per the needs of its clients. That means you can find some of their live dealer games in languages other than English!

We like the way Skywind Group handles the user interface in their games. The live-streamed action is always at the forefront. The UI never gets in the way, nor does it minimize the gameplay screen to make room for the betting board. Skywind Group does a great job of ensuring the user interface is visible but out of the way. It tells you all the information you want to know at a glance and makes placing bets easy.

Skywind Group runs its live casino studios. That gives the developer an easy time connecting their games in a lobby and making them easily accessible to players. Online casinos only have to integrate the lobby to gain access to the developers’ games. The company also offers branded games to online casinos willing to pay for the service.

Skywind Group Casino Game Features

The software provider does not offer a lot of casino games. However, the available releases are high quality and give casino members various options. Fun variants and standout side bets break up the monotony to a degree. If you enjoy Skywind Group’s releases, their selection is excellent. However, if you want to branch out into other games, you need to look to other developers. We hope that Skywind Group will eventually expand their selection. As it currently stands, they only offer baccarat and roulette.

We like how immersive games by this developer are. The studio design is excellent and shifts depending on what title you are playing. If you are playing in a branded table, its design will also differ from standard Skywind Group tables. Of course, the team does not allow immersion to get in the way of good functionality. Games will alert you to how long you have to bet and highlight winning numbers by flashing them on the screen. Their games also offer bead roads and statistics pages, which you can use to track what happened in the past rounds.

Skywind Group hires professional dealers for their live casino games. They do a fantastic job of keeping a good atmosphere going and highlighting the results of each round. If you are playing a localized version of a Skywind game, the hosts will interact with you in your chosen language.

Another exciting feature this company offers is the various marketing tools integrated into their games. One such tool is bonus coins, which casino members generate while playing. The operator can then define how these coins get used. They can allow them to win real money, or they can have them exchanged at a fixed rate. Casinos can also enable in-game tournaments for specific tables or games with flexible reward systems. These extra features are easy to integrate, which improves your odds of coming across them.

Skywind Group Software Perks

Skywind Group was formed in 2012 when tablets and smartphones were taking off. Its leadership saw the potential of mobile devices and opted for a mobile-centric design. Today, you can play all games made by this software provider on personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. The operating system does not matter; Skywind Group supports iOS and Android equally. Because of that, players can play their live dealer games on their favorite devices. There is no wrong choice here!

Ease of integration is another advantage Skywind Group’s software has. As a B2B developer, Skywind Group wants to offer its releases to as many people as possible. Alongside game integration, the company provides engagement features, premium content, and real-time business intelligence. These software solutions get fitted to each partner’s specific needs.

Another perk of opting for Skywind Group is its excellent license coverage. You can enjoy this developer’s amazing releases in the most regulated markets in the world! The team has licenses issued by the MGA, UKGC, and many others. Furthermore, widespread license coverage increases your chances of finding their games in the best online casinos!

Ultimately, Skywind Group is well-positioned to expand into the live casino space. The company is experienced, their software is incredible, and they have licenses in many regulated markets. While their live dealer games are in their infancy, they have the potential for massive growth. We at Livecasino24 cannot wait to see what the team does next!