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No matter how good a site looks and works, there’s simply no replacement for the Vegas atmosphere. At least there wasn’t until now. Thanks to live casinos, you can feel like in a land-based casino without leaving your home.

The industry came to the idea of live casinos in order to attract customers that still can’t get used to online casinos. The technology that runs live dealer games wasn’t there in the past, but now we can enjoy uninterrupted high-quality streams from locations all over the globe. Many developers have their own studios or use land-based casinos to stream the games from. Each of the games is played against a human dealer which gives the games a human touch and takes the experience to a whole new level.

Hearing the sounds of a real casino atmosphere in the background combined with the human dealer creates a completely unique experience which players love. It’s fair to say that the live dealers are the recipe for success in live casinos.

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Live Dealers

If you’ve ever came across the term live dealer, you might have been confused. Unlike regular online casino games, live dealer games are not controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG). Instead, a human dealer controls the games just like in a land-based casino.

If you’ve ever played a game at a table in Vegas or Atlantic City, you know that it’s an irreplaceable feeling. Talking to a lovely host and enjoying the atmosphere of a real casino are two factors that keep land-based casinos afloat. It’s the advantage they had against online casinos until technology found a solution.

Although a thriving market, online gambling needs constant innovation in order to keep going. Since the rules of a game can never change without consequences, the format certainly can. That’s exactly the reason why live dealers were thrown into the mix and why live casinos were invented in the first place. Playing against a human dealer is simply more exciting than playing a computer – there’s no adrenaline rush with the latter.

Adding live dealers to the game as a feature keeps players entertained and offers a unique piece of a puzzle in an industry that has been around for a long time. It wasn’t like that in the beginning. At first, players were able to play against other players in a live casino until the introduction of live dealers. The pretty hosts aren’t there by chance. They’re hand-picked industry professionals who know their job and are quite polite, even chatty in some games. The ability to chat to the live dealer via the interface is another unique addition to live dealer games which makes them a player favorite.

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Advantages of Dedicated Live Dealer Tables

As mentioned, each casino game comes with its own house edge. Casinos never pay winning wagers according to the game’s so-called “true” odds. In simpler terms, the house edge can be explained as a percentage of your bet you will lose for each round.

For example, in slots and keno, the house edge is around 15% and 25% respectively. This means that you stand to lose 15% or 25% of each of your bets you place. That’s too high, and when you take into consideration that no strategy can help you in these live casino games, your chances are even worse.

In blackjack, however, the house edge is quite lower. In both Blackjack and Spanish 21, the house edge from optimal play on the first hand of the shoe is less than 1%. It all depends on other factors, however, so don’t think you can win every time you place a bet.

Who Has Dedicated Live Tables?

The biggest live dealer game developers in the industry, Evolution Gaming and NetEnt offer dedicated live solutions for their tables. Evolution has the largest selection which isn’t surprising considering the number of studios and the overall quality of the developer.

The good news is that these dedicated Evolution and NetEnt tables can be found at most operators. The branded tables don’t just look the part – they also offer promotions and are more likely to have a free spot waiting for you unlike standard non-branded live casinos.

What Do I Get Out of It?

Dedicated live dealer tables aren’t great for the casinos only – players can benefit a lot from them too. As mentioned, there’s a higher chance of great on-table promotions such as bonus cards in blackjack or prize draws in other games. Who doesn’t want a nice bonus?

Although you can get a spot on a branded blackjack table in a standard live casino, your chances of finding a free seat are better in exclusive (branded) live casinos. You also get more minimum and maximum stake varieties and a better overall service. Dedicated live casino environments are simply superior to standard live casinos, which is why more and more players are joining them.

Live Dealers FAQ

The majority of live casinos use English as the main language. With that being said, there are dedicated tables where you can communicate with the dealers in German, Spanish, Italian, etc.

Chat is available in almost all live casinos. To access it, use the chatbox. The live dealer will see the message and respond to you verbally. Some live casinos encourage players to chat with the dealer, while others don’t. The chat is monitored by the live casino itself, so don’t make a fool out of yourself.

Live dealers are only human, so they might make a mistake. They are high-trained professionals, but they can still make a mistake. In that case, don’t disrespect the dealer. Just wait for the problem to be fixed and if you want to contact the casino, use the live chat.

No, rigging a game goes against absolutely everything a live casino stands for. You can be sure that the dealers are high-trained pros which will never negatively influence the game.

All the games you can play in standard live casinos can also be played in a dedicated environment. They’re essentially the same games with extra features and much better overall looks.