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The live dealer casino games segment has developed greatly since the tech advancements started coming in from all sides. Such content soon became the industry standard, as high-quality video streaming became all the more accessible across the mass public. Soon afterward, all the leading casino operators included such gameplay in their libraries.

One common misconception in this regard is that most players think the live dealer games are the casinos’. This is sometimes the practice with regular online games, as the casino could have an in-house developing team. However, proprietary live dealer games are yet to be seen among the game libraries of international casino sites.

In fact, these casinos tend to hire third-party live casino software providers. Their main point of business is developing online casino gameplay (specific categories or the whole selection). For live dealer games specifically, Evolution Gaming is the undisputed leader, winning recognitions for years in a row. And with their specific products, unique gameplay, and massive rewarding potential, this is no wonder.

How to Choose a Live Casino Software Provider?

With the industry growing in popularity, it wasn’t too long before the competition started to grow as well. Not all companies were interested in getting into the practice, but those that did were in for some work. Developers were constantly trying to improve the games, from their initial look up until today’s ultimately realistic gameplay experience.

Soon enough, the handful of interested companies doubled and continued attracting even more businesses. Nowadays, there are plenty of online casino software providers that also design live dealer software as part of their offerings.

live casino software providers
Live Casino Software Providers

Live dealer software providers, respectively, are still a rather nice portion of the industry. This, in turn, made it easier for players to distinguish the key features of their products. Nowadays, it is more than easy to find out which characteristics contribute the most to player satisfaction. We have identified them for you below. Now, all you have to do now is compare them against the top providers whose games you enjoy the most.

Security is undoubtedly the first thing casino players look for in an online casino game. Normally, regular online casino gameplay makes use of Random Number Generators (RNGs) in order to ensure random results. This technology can be tested to see if it is operating properly, and give players the reassurance they need. However, when it comes to live dealer titles, the situation is a bit different from the rest.

Here, the dealer leads the game with an actual stack of cards, or a regular roulette wheel, per say. All this is directly streamed to the players’ screens, so there is no doubt in their actions. Top providers ensure all their studios and equipment is properly and regularly inspected nonetheless. Hence, when looking for a top live dealer game, look into the matter as a useful consideration.

Nobody likes a live stream that freezes all the time or takes too long to load. This is true about our favorite TV shows, and just as much about the live dealer gameplay. A simple test runs on the games you like should be enough to get a feel of their functionality. Additionally, try looking up demo versions in order to avoid going through your real money bankroll. This tends to cost providers extra, so only top-of-the-line companies are bound to include it in their offerings.

The actual quality of the video streamed to your device is just as important. After all, what use is there of an uninterrupted stream if it is completely unintelligible? Most top providers ensure content transmission in HD, although seeing it for yourself is the best way to go.

Modern busy lifestyles require new ways to make casino gameplay available for players and enthusiasts alike. The rise of mobile devices and the increased range of functionalities have made them the optimal choice. Hence, top providers looking to meet all their customers’ needs normally provide their games in both desktop and mobile-compatible versions. Sometimes, you will need to download particular app software or go with the instant-play version straight from the casino website.

Live dealer game providers opt for knowledgeable and experienced live dealers who can keep up with the games’ pace. They need to be able to lead the game, all the while being attentive to details. A pleasant and communicative dealer is an added advantage, although not a must-have quality for a successful gameplay session.

The casino game variety is one of the players’ top priorities, and this is no different with live dealer casinos. It’s no fun having top-notch streaming video quality if the provider doesn’t include your favorite titles. Most popular live games include roulette variants, as well as baccarat, mainly due to their easy gameplay. Nevertheless, blackjack is considered just as popular, especially among card-counters.

Leading providers like Evolution Gaming tend to go a step further, including some uniqueness to their offerings. As mentioned above, it provides new twists to their game libraries, such as Lightning Roulette and Dream Catcher. These add to the entertainment factor and make games all the more attractive for the player pool.

Since these games aren’t developed in-house, any glitches and issues gamblers experience need to be resolved by the provider company. While individuals are only indirectly involved in the process, responsive tech support agents lead to quick resolution of respective issues. This allows the player experience to continue almost uninterruptedly and speaks volumes about the provider’s seriousness.

The online casino industry is still hazily regulated across various jurisdictions, which is why most players turn to international operators. Regardless of the market range, they service, these casinos should fit their games and offer to the respective player pool. This includes live dealer casino game providers just as well. They too need to equip their games so as to fit the needs of a wider player pool.

Multilanguage is one feature, both of the game software and the language spoken by the dealers. Currency availability is another advantage to look for, as it could save you plenty on the exchange fees.

Apart from the new and exciting gameplay, interactivity is what made live games so popular among players. They bring the casino ambient to their homes, or anywhere else on the go, in the click of a button. For even greater interaction, top software providers include communication features – video conferencing, chat functions. Some offer a chat room, others offer betting on other players’ hands while waiting for a free seat. All this, and more, only further adds to the player experience and its diversity.

On the whole, the guidelines and considerations listed above all work towards creating a pleasant time during gameplay. Many providers tend to fix their studios up a bit, or from time to time for specific occasions. Such efforts are largely appreciated by players, especially regulars that tend to get used to the game overview. Therefore, it’s best to just load the game, give it a chance and see how it feels for first-hand feedback.