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Some of the biggest wins at online casinos have been hit in the bonus rounds of Monopoly Live. So now, the leading provider of live casino solutions has come up with Monopoly Big Baller Live.

The game combines the elements of Mega Ball Live with lucrative Monopoly Live bonus features. It will be available at Evolution-powered casinos in the summer of 2022. So without further ado, let’s dive right into it. 

This is Monopoly Big Baller Live!

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How to Play Monopoly Big Baller Live

Time needed: 4 minutes

Monopoly Big Baller is a unique game show from Evolution that has as its base game the best of Mega Ball and in addition the wonderful bonus game of Monopoly Live. Read below how to play the game.

  1. Go to the live casino section and choose Monopoly Big Baller

    Go to an online casino that offers Evolution’s live games. Go to the live casino of this online casino. Once you click on the game in the lobby you will be taken to Evolution’s live studio. Here a live dealer will present the game.
    Monopoly Big baller ht1 lc24nl

  2. Place your bets

    In Monopoly Big Baller, 4 bingo cards and two bonus cards appear at the bottom of the screen. You can place your bet on 1 or more cards. You may also bet on all cards at once. You are also allowed to bet a different amount on each card. After the betting period, the game begins.
    Monopoly Big Baller inzetten

  3. Mr. Monopoly goes into action

    Before the numbers are drawn Mr. Monopoly comes into action. He pulls the handle and activates several multipliers. He also removes some numbers from the cards beforehand to make it easier for the players.
    Mr monopoly in actie

  4. The balls are drawn by a machine

    After Mr. Monopoly has done its work, the ball machine starts drawing 20 balls. Corresponding numbers on the cards are stripped off. If any numbers with a multiplier are drawn, they are activated on any prize. If all the balls on one of the bonus cards are drawn, then the Monopoly Bonus game begins. If you have a bet put on this card then you are playing, otherwise, you are just a spectator.
    ballenmachine monopoly big baller

  5. The Bonus Game

    There are two cards with the bonus game that you can bet on. One card entitles you to 3 rolls of the dice in the Monopoly game, the other card entitles you to 5 rolls in the game. If you fill up all the numbers on the bonus card then the game takes you to a virtual Monopoly board where the bonus game will be played.
    Bonus spel Monopoly Big Baller

  6. Dice rolling

    As soon as the bonus game begins, Mr. Monopoly comes back into action. He raises a number of multipliers on the board. When he is done, the dice come into view and are shuffled. The dice come to a stop and Mr. Monopoly moves the same number of steps on the board as the dice were rolled.
    de dobbelstenen rollen bij Monopoly big baller

  7. Multipliers are added up

    Mr. Monopoly moves around the board and collects the corresponding multipliers at each stop. These are added up and multiplied by the bet you had placed on the bonus card. The prizes are paid out immediately and are credited to your account. A new game of Monopoly Big Baller starts immediately.
    uitbetaling van de prijzen

Monopoly Big Baller Live is a bingo game that shares the main game with Mega Ball Live. The main game is played with four bingo cards loaded with extra free spaces and multipliers. Besides the main bingo cards, players can also bet on optional 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls cards. If you manage to complete one of them, you will qualify for the bonus round. 

The Bonus Round

The main attraction of Monopoly Big Baller Live is the bonus round played on the CGI-animated Monopoly board. As soon as you enter it, you will see that multipliers of various values are added to properties.

The bonus round uses two physical dice shaken in a container. Once the dice total is rolled, Rich Uncle Pennybags, also known as Mr. Monopoly, will go around the board, stopping on the property that will award a multiplier. All the rules that apply to Monopoly Live bonus rounds are used here as well, so you have to avoid squares such as Go to Jail.    

As you play the base game hosted by a real-life dealer, Mr. Monopoly will cheer you up and pull the lever to release multipliers that can boost your winnings. Of course, he is the main star of the bonus round, where he appears in an elegant suit, with his famous top hat.

Another masterpiece from the Evolution creative kitchen! That’s what Monopoly Big Baller Live is in terms of appearance. The game takes place on a virtual ship designed in 1920s style.

Monopoly Big Baller Results

Monopoly Big Baller, a live presenter game by Evolution, seamlessly blends bingo and Monopoly elements, merging the features of Evolution’s Mega Ball and Monopoly Dream Catcher. The game involves 60 bingo numbers, with 20 selected each round, and offers betting on up to four 5×5 bingo cards, each potentially triggering a 3D Monopoly bonus round.

Despite lacking in-game statistics, the RTP is disclosed as 96.10%, with variations for different bet options. The strategy involves considering the odds of line wins on bingo cards, influenced by free spaces and multipliers. The 3 ROLLS and 5 ROLLS cards, designed for the bonus round, contribute to the game’s appeal.

While the bingo card numbers are random, the article suggests optimal card combinations and explores the advantages of Free Space and Chance cards. Mr. Monopoly introduces randomness with multipliers and free spaces, influencing the decision to bet on 3 ROLLS, 5 ROLLS, or both. The bonus round, similar to Monopoly Dream Catcher, offers moderate payouts but triggers more frequently.

Monopoly Big Ball tracker

In the game, you can’t find any tracker about earlier results. However, on Google, you can find websites that contain this information. They track every result of Monopoly Big Baller. Looking at this info we can conclude that it is possible to win big with this amusing live casino game.


Monopoly Big Baller Live will most certainly appeal to the fans of both original games. Still, it also has the potential to attract those who have never played Evolution titles before. We can’t wait for summer to come to go aboard and try our luck on the new take on two hit games by Evolution. 


The RTP of this live casino game is 96.10%.

It’s a live casino game show, powered by Evolution. The game is a mix of two of the most popular Evolution games: Mega Ball and Monopoly Live. It’s a sort of Bingo Game with a fantastic Bonus Game.

The maximum win per game is limited to €500,000.

We timed it for you and if no bonus game is triggered, that one game of MONOPOLY Big Baller takes about 1 minute and 22 seconds.

Then the bonus games are played separately. So you first play the bonus game with 3 Rolls, then you start at the front of the board again, other multipliers are added to the board and you play with 5 Rolls.