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Mega Wheel is Pragmatic Play’s first-ever live casino game show. And what an impressive debut. Mega Wheel is a thrilling game of chance that recreates the most entertaining TV game shows, with hosts giving their best to keep players glued to their seats.

The presenters manage to make players 100% involved through a built-in live chat feature that enables players to communicate with the hosts during the game, making the game entertaining and real.

Mega Wheel is a colorful, immersive, and rewarding game show with everything live casino players would ever want. Furthermore, it is a fun and engaging way to practice your wheel of fortune skills.

Where to Play Mega Wheel

How to Play Mega Wheel

Mega Wheel is a real-time game, so it is presented by well trained and professional anchors that spin the wheel and make sure to keep the atmosphere entertaining.

The game is played on a super-sized wheel containing 54 colorful segments with numbers. Each number field represents a matching payout.

Mega Wheel game show was inspired by the famous Big 6 and Money Wheel game concept. Therefore, the aim of this game is simple: the players compete to predict the number the Mega Wheel will show when it stops spinning. If the wheel stops at the number you selected to bet on, you win. If not, you lose. It’s that simple.

However, to increase the excitement, the game is powered by RNG. In this way, the game helps players boost their stakes from 40x to up to 500x. In each round of spins, one number on the wheel is randomly picked as the Mega Lucky Number that will multiply players’ winnings up to a staggering 500x their initial bet.

The game starts by placing a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 9 bets per round. The betting time is 15 seconds, which is enough to decide where to place the bet. The lowest wager is €0.10, and the highest is €1,000 per spin.

Each of the 54 fields on the wheel represents one of the following numbers: 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 20, 30, and 40. As said, the landing number equals the payout. If you bet on number 5, for example, and the wheel lands on this field, your stake will be multiplied by 5. So, the maximum multiplier is 40x your bet amount when selecting a single number.

As a result, you won’t see as many fields with the number 40 on as you will with numbers 1 and 2. Well, it’s a game of chance, after all.

Game Features

The main game features include Bet on All, Autoplay, and Advanced Bets Validation. The Bet on All covers all nine bets in a single move, which is quite beneficial.

Advanced Bets Validation is a comprehensive bet history. This allows gamblers to track their previous bets and change the strategy accordingly, giving them full control over the game.  Moreover, the autoplay button makes the games super speedy for those who prefer to play faster. But, you can play it at your own pace, slowly or quickly, whatever suits you best.

Mega Wheel also allows punters to chat with other players, so whoever likes to make small talk during the game is more than welcome. Moreover, live chat enables gamblers to communicate with Live Support if necessary.

The primary language is English, but the game is that it offers 20 UI (user interface) languages to choose from. Some of the languages are Chinese, German, and Spanish. Furthermore, the game supports over 100 currencies, so it is suitable for players from all over the globe.

Mega Wheel is well optimized for mobile devices, so you can enjoy playing this entertaining game on the go.

Video Performance

Mega Wheel is a beautiful, colorful game with bright and vivid colors that make this game aesthetically superb. The orange backdrop with yellow lightbulbs, the wheel bursting with colors, and fun, engaging hosts make this game authentic and fun to play and watch.

The game is set in a brand new modern studio. The studio features cutting-edge technology designed specifically for this game. This colorful studio boasts high-quality visual and sound effects. Also, animation that changes automatically with each new game segment. 

On top of that, Pragmatic Play uses multiple multi-angle 4K cameras that can zoom in and out, making sure the players don’t miss a single detail during the game.


Mega Wheel is an action-packed, enjoyable, and easy live game of chance. It requires you to set up your bankroll, decide the betting strategy,. Wait for the wheel to land on your number.