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Gambling is one of the everyday practices of human life with historical evidence dating as far back as ancient times. Over the years, it has managed to retain as much popularity up until nowadays. People have been largely enthusiastic about the different gameplay opportunities, as well as the added chance of hitting a win. Due to this specific multi-beneficial character, such games survived to this age, passing through a series of forms.

From Land Casinos to Live Casinos

Land-based casino floors, sportsbooks, poker rooms and similar establishments were the first form of legal gameplay available for the masses. Operators ran successful businesses, giving players all the top gambling options they wanted.

Nevertheless, as technology started to advance more rapidly, and the Internet was born, this long-standing popular pastime got ‘reformed’. Online casinos and similar gambling establishments soon replaced their regular counterparts. This isn’t to say that the one eliminated the other, since they rather managed to reach cohesion. Ever since, players have been able to visit live brick-and-mortar casinos for an up-close live casino experience. Alternately, online platforms served a different purpose – for a more accessible and affordable one.

To settle the matter, operators and game developers alike have decided to invent a third kind of casinos – live casinos. These were able to combine the best of both worlds. Taking the live interactive, personalized approach and reliability of land-based casinos, and the latter’s online accessibility turned out successful.

Our Top Live Casinos

Live Casino Technology

The entire live casino operator service came about as a response to some player speculations the fairness of casino software. These individuals were wary of the software’s susceptibility to specific intrusions, tweaks and resulting bias in regard to their results.

Contrarily, they trusted actual live casino dealers much more than the Random Number Generator technologies (RNGs) incorporated in online games. These dealers shuffled manually or with an actual shuffler, using a limited number of cards (and decks). This practically enabled players to make use of popular successful techniques (betting strategies, card-counting) to get ahead of the game.

As a result, live dealer casino games were rightfully expected to be a great success.

Still, they are just as great an investment, as developers need to handle a lot of intricacies. They are required in order to provide completely synchronized, smooth and seamless broadcasting transmission. Expensive equipment, as well as good tech know-how is another ‘must’, explaining the steep price tags on such gambling content.

Stakes and betting ranges can be a bit higher than the regular online casino game you are used to. Even at that, they still beat regular land-based casino game limits by a few points. Nevertheless, it is an important consideration for anyone looking to get into some live dealer gameplay action.

Live Dealer Casinos Explained

Just before we get into the game availability, it’s good to know the specific outlines of their mechanics. Roughly defined, such games specifically consist of a real live dealer is leading the action, at the respective game table. These dealers could be transmitting straight from casino floors, or even more commonly, from properly equipped broadcasting studios.

Evolution Crazy Time game show is hot right now

While at the matter of studios, you should know that they aren’t located just at any regular warehouse. In fact, studios frequent the most around Central America, Eastern Europe, as well as Asia. Each of these is advantageous in their own way – lower costs, higher language and tech quality, or greater gameplay variety.

Anyway, dealers are transmitted straight to all the players’ screens who can interact with them through chat and video. This adds further to the interactivity of the experience, making it that much closer to the real deal.

As players make a move on their specific device, the dealer views it in real time and acts corresponding, and vice versa. All the while, players get a clear overview of card dealings, roulette wheel spins, or others, which is greatly reassuring.

Live Casino Software Providers

Not all providers are interested in offering live dealer casino gameplay. But, with the ever-growing demand, players are all the more likely to benefit from rising competitiveness. When it comes to keeping the potential player pool interested, there is more to be said than just variety. In fact, the quality of gameplay is the first thing to look for.

After all, the success rate is most proportionate to the player satisfaction levels of operators, and these are the most prominent instances: