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Evolution is known for always adding a special twist to existing casino games. Often these games become super popular. That is why Evolution is the best provider in the world when it comes to live casino games. Now they combine two top games to bring you Red Door Roulette.

This fall, another great new variant is on Evolution’s agenda. They have chosen to combine the most popular casino game in Europe, namely Roulette, with the most popular live game show, Crazy Time. What the game will be called? Red Door Roulette Live!

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What is Red Door Roulette Live?

Red Door Roulette is yet another new live roulette variant developed by Evolution. The name comes from the hugely popular live game show Crazy Time. This game has several bonus games and one of the most spectacular is the bonus game Crazy Time.

Once this bonus is activated, the presenter opens a big red door that leads to the bonus room. This red door is by now familiar to a very large portion of online casino players. This is where the name they chose for this new roulette variant comes from. Hence, Red Door Roulette Live.

The Famous Red Door from Crazy Time
The Famous Red Door from Crazy Time

Similarities to Lightning Roulette

As mentioned earlier, this live casino game is a combination of Live Roulette and Crazy Time. There are also some similarities with Lightning Roulette. Every spin, like in Lightning Roulette, some numbers are randomly selected as Lucky Numbers. On these Lucky Numbers, a Golden Key gets dropped on. If you have placed a bet on such a Lucky Number, and the ball ends up on this number, you will be taken to the Crazy Time Money Wheel and then the Crazy Time Bonus Game will be played.

Every Game Lucky Numbers get golden keys as access to the bonus game
Every Game Lucky Numbers get golden keys for access to the bonus game

Live Casino players are all familiar now with the legendary Red Door from Crazy Time. This game delivers exactly what players hope and want. The Crazy Time Bonus Round. As mentioned before, in each round, lucky numbers are gonna have golden keys dropped on them. And some of them even have multipliers to come with those golden keys. If the ball then lands in one of those lucky spots, the dealer is going to go back, unlock the red door and open the world of Crazy Time.

The Red Door Bonus Game

If the roulette ball ends on a number with a golden key on it, the bonus game is activated. The bonus game at Red Door Roulette is Crazy Time’s most popular bonus game: The Crazy Time Moneywheel. This is a large wheel of fortune completely filled with multipliers. Players who have wagered on the number with the golden key may participate in the bonus game. If you have not wagered on this number then you are just a spectator.

The goal of the bonus game is to choose one of the three flappers at the top of the wheel. There are three colors to choose from. A green, blue, and yellow flapper. Once players have made a choice, the Crazy Time Wheel starts spinning.

Players have a choice of three flappers

After a button press by the live host hole the wheel spins. The wheel is full of multipliers and doublers. After a few seconds, the wheel stops and you receive the multipliers that are on the segment where your flipper is pointing. Should there be a “Double” in the segment of one of the flappers, all multipliers on the wheel are doubled and the wheel spins one more time, just for this flapper.

Strategy for Red Door Roulette

Just like Lightning Roulette and XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, Red Door Roulette has also adjusted the payout of a straight bet (betting on a full number). Because you can win large amounts of money with the bonus game, they have reduced the payout of a full number from 35x to 25x.

Therefore, the best strategy is to play up to 10 numbers at a time and hope that you get lucky with the Golden Keys on a regular basis. That way, you will have a profit when your number falls and still have a reasonable chance that one of your numbers will also be regularly selected as a Lucky Number.

Playing all the numbers to ensure that you will always play the bonus game when it is selected is also a strategy, only this one requires a huge bankroll if it takes a while for the bonus game to be selected. We don’t recommend this unless you have a huge bankroll and want to play the bonus game at all costs.

When will Red Door Roulette be live?

At this moment it’s not clear when the game will be released. We expect somewhere around September 2023. The exact RTP of Red Door Roulette is also not mentioned. As soon as we know these facts, we will update this article.


This new live casino game is a combination of live roulette and Crazy Time.

It all depends on the multipliers of Crazy Time, but the maximum win per game is capped at €500,000

Absolutely, all Evolution Live Casino Games can be played on your mobile device as well as on your desktop.

We expect that this game will be playable in online casinos from September 2023.

The game is developed by the well-known developer Evolution. Evolution makes great live casino games.

You certainly can! In the long run, it’s not easy to win any casino game, but we describe a good strategy on our page that will give you a decent chance of getting upfront now and then.