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The most popular live casino game of recent years is without a doubt Crazy Time by Evolution. What makes this game so special? Where can you play it? And, very importantly, how should you play Crazy Time? Is there a certain strategy? Yes, there is!

What is Crazy Time by Evolution?

Crazy Time is a live casino game, a game show, centered around a large wheel of fortune, also called Moneywheel where everything revolves around 4 different bonus games listed on the wheel. These bonus games are called: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. First of all, let’s take a closer look at the Moneywheel.

There are 54 segments on the wheel. On the wheel are multipliers that multiply your bet if the wheel stops on this number and you have bet on it. The wheel states: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, or a bonus game. The 54 segments are divided as follows:

The Crazy Time Wheel with all the segments, payouts, and RTP’s of the segments

Here You Can Play Crazy Time by Evolution

Top Slot for additional multiplier

The moment the live host spins the Moneywheel, a small slot machine also starts spinning above the wheel. The left reel of the mini slot machine shows all possible bets from the wheel, and the right reel of the slot machine is full of multipliers, these are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x, 15x, 20x, 25 to 50x. If on the horizontal pay line of the slot machine a segment appears and a multiplier, then this spin this multiplier is active on this segment.

Example: the small slot machine spins and ends with on the pay line on the left side the number 10 and on the right side on the pay line 2x, then for that game if the wheel ends at 10 the multiplier becomes active. Each bet on 10 is then paid out 2×10=20x. This way the prizes can be very high.

The Top Slot at Crazy Time

The game starts with a spin of the Money Wheel

Each game begins with a betting round for the players and the live host spins the Money Wheel. At the top of the wheel is a flapper to stop the wheel. When the wheel stops, the flapper indicates the winning segment. The players who placed a bet on the winning segment win.

Game Interface

The game is presented by a live host from a live studio, and this studio looks fabulous. You see on your screen the studio with the huge wheel in the middle. Around it, you see the bonus games. Those bonus games are activated the moment the wheel ends on one of the bonuses.

The live host presents the game and players can communicate with the host through a live chat. The host is super enthusiastic, which makes the game very fun to play.

User Interface Elements Crazy Time

The game plays easily from your desktop and also on your mobile. There is a clear section where you as a player can place your bets and where you can choose how much you want to bet. At the bottom of your screen, you see a row of chips that increase in value. Choose the chip you want to bet with. The least bet you can place on a betting option is €0,10. You may bet on 1 bet option or more. You may also bet on all possible outcomes.

There are special buttons between the betting options that allow you to bet on all numbers at once with 1 click and a circle that allows you to bet on all bonuses at once. It also displays what the winning outcomes of the wheel have been on the last few spins.

HowTo Play Crazy Time

Time needed: 5 minutes

Crazy Time is the latest game show of Evolution. The best from Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher is combined in this crazy game.

  1. Go to the live casino section and choose Crazy Time

    The casino leads you to the live studio of Evolution Gaming where the host is presenting Crazy Time for all the players. On your screen, you see the studio. On the bottom of your screen, you see betting options.

    crazy time casino

  2. Place your Bets

    There are 8 different bets to choose from. First, you choose the amount you want to play with. You may choose one bet but it’s also possible to play more. Even playing them all is allowed.

    crazy time place bets

  3. The Wheel Starts Turning

    The host spins the wheel.

    crazy time host

  4. The Multiplier is set

    The wheel has 54 segments. The 8 bets are divided between the segments. There are a lot of number 1 segments, but only one segment with Crazy Time. Every game a top slot spins and if on the horizontal win line, a number/bonus appears and a multiplier, then a multiplier is set on the betting option. If the wheel stops at that segment, the multiplier is activated on your bet.

    Crazy time multiplier

  5. The Wheel Stops

    If the wheel stops at a segment with a number and you have placed a bet on that number, you win. When the wheel stops at a bonus, the bonus is activated. If you placed a bet on that bonus you play the bonus. If you didn’t place a bet on that specific bonus you can only watch.

    crazy time wheel of fortune

  6. Bonus Game is Played

    If the wheel stops at a number, every winner is paid immediately. If the wheel stops at a bonus, the bonus is played. After the bonus is played all the winners are paid. If you win, your winning is paid immediately into your account. The next game starts.

    crazy time bonus game

The Bonus Games of Crazy Time

Crazy Time has four great bonus rounds. Each of these rounds gives you, the player, the chance to win fantastic prizes. Let’s take a closer look at each of these bonuses. If you don’t bet on the bonuses you won’t be allowed to play the bonus games and you will be a spectator to the games.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip bonus game crazy time

In the Coin Flip bonus game, a coin with a blue side and a red side will be flipped. The host places the coin in the coin launcher. The multiplier values for each side are then revealed. The game host will push the Flip button and the coin is automatically flipped. The side that is facing up at the end wins. If the coin lands with the red side up, you will win the red multiplier and if the blue side is up, you will win the blue multiplier.

Occasionally a surprise Rescue Flip might occur where the coin is flipped again if the assigned multipliers are low.

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt Bonus Game Crazy Time

The Cash Hunt bonus game is a shooting gallery. It features a big screen with 108 random multipliers. The multipliers are covered by random symbols and then shuffled. Each player selects his own target, probably the symbol that they believe is hiding the largest multiplier. You aim a big cannon at the symbol. The cannon will shoot at the target when the time is up and reveal the hidden multiplier. This multiplier will multiply your bet.

Each player will select their own target in this interactive bonus round. As a result, players will win different multipliers.


Pachinko Bonus Game Crazy Time

Pachinko is by origin a Japanese game. In Crazy Time, the Pachinko bonus game features a large Pachinko wall with a multitude of physical pegs with 16 drop zones at the top and 16 random multipliers in the landing zones at the bottom.

All landing zones are given a random multiplier or a ‘DOUBLE’ value. The puck is dropped randomly from zones 4-12. The puck travels down the wall to finally land in a landing zone. If the puck lands on a multiplier, your bet will be multiplied.

If the puck lands on ‘DOUBLE’, all the multipliers are doubled. A new drop zone is randomly chosen, and the puck is dropped again until it lands on a doubled multiplier or until the multipliers have reached the maximum 10,000x multiplier.

Occasionally a Rescue Drop might occur if the puck landed on a 2x, 3x, or 4x multiplier. A new drop zone is randomized and the puck is dropped again.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time Bonus Game

The best bonus game is without a doubt Crazy Time. When the wheel stops on Crazy Time, the host takes you to a big red door. Behind the door is the world of Crazy Time.

Behind the red door, there’s a gigantic virtual wheel in a crazy and fun virtual world. The virtual wheel has 64 segments and three flappers, all three have a different color. The wheel has crazy multipliers with the possibility of awesome multiplied winnings!

Note: Crazy Time has four different virtual wheels, some offer more ‘DOUBLE’ and ‘TRIPLE’ segments, and some offer higher multipliers — all to make the game even more exciting! The wheel is randomly selected at the start of the bonus round.

Choose your flapper: green, blue, or yellow. The host spins the wheel by pushing the button. When the wheel stops spinning, the flappers point at three different segments. You will win the multiplier at your chosen flapper. If your flapper stops at “DOUBLE’ or ‘TRIPLE’, all the multipliers on the wheel will be doubled or tripled. Because you chose this flapper, you will take part in a re-spin with the chance to win even bigger multipliers!

Strategy and Tactics

Is there a winning strategy to play Crazy Time winningly? In the long run, this is normally very difficult, but there are smart ways to bet that greatly reduce the chances of losing and provide the opportunity for a nice win.

Instead of focusing entirely on the bonuses, it is wise to play some numbers with them as well. Here are 2 betting strategies that will often allow you to play a long time with your bankroll and have regular winning sessions.

Strategy 1: A good strategy is to bet €0.20 on each bonus game, €1 on number 2, and €0.50 on number 5. You then bet €2.30 for each round. If the wheel stops on 2 then you receive €3.00, on 5 then you receive €3.00, and with the bonus games you then play along, chasing some big wins.

Strategy 2: Looking purely at the RTP of the numbers that can fall, it might be better to play the numbers 1 and 10. Then the bets would be 0.20 on the bonuses, €0.40 on 10, and €2.00 on 1.

Every now and then, the top slot qualifies your bet with a multiplier and you’ll win big.

Some Good Tips for You

First of all, remember that Crazy Time is a game of chance. The main reason to play Crazy Time should be the fun that you have when you start playing this amazing live casino game. The average RTP of the game is 95,41%, so most of the time, the casino will win. But with the following tips, there’s a good chance you’ll be up quite some sessions.

  • Don’t only chase the bonuses, play some numbers too
  • Try one of the strategies mentioned above
  • Bonuses should appear once every 6 spins, but that’s only in long terms. Don’t be disappointed if there is no bonus for 25 spins. This happens sometimes
  • Don’t get angry when multipliers in bonus games are low, low multipliers will appear more often than big ones
  • There is only limited time to place your bets. Use the “repeat” button or the “autoplay” option
  • Have the courage now and then to stop when you’re ahead
  • Don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose


The RTP of the game depends on the bets you place. Each bet has a different RTP. It ranges from 96.08% for a bet on Number 1 and 94.41% for a bet on Crazy Time.

The multipliers can reach up to 100,000x but the maximum win per game is limited to €500.000.

Crazy Time is fully compatible with all mobile devices.

Crazy Time features a live casino dealer who will host games and interact with the chat feature in real-time on every round.

You must play at an online casino that offers Evolution Live Casino Games. We selected the best casinos for you on this page.

You certainly can! We described two good strategies on our page. Read them carefully.