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As online casino games grow in popularity, their audience becomes increasingly global. The demand to play these releases in new markets is growing faster than companies can keep up with. That opened the door for new software providers to enter the market and make a name for themselves! eBET is one such developer! The company was formed in 2012 to become Asia’s leading mobile iGaming software provider. Several years later, their success has led them to expand in the European market.

Despite the focus on mobile devices, eBET supports play on multiple platforms. You can enjoy their games on iOS, Android, Macs, and personal computers. Furthermore, the team’s primary focus is on live dealer games. However, they also offer a few RNG-powered titles to enhance their selection. The company certainly looks promising at first glance. Will it stay that way after a more thorough look?

Is eBET a Good Software Provider?

The company’s explosive growth and expansion would be impossible without high-quality software to back them up. Casino members can look forward to this software provider’s diverse selection of games. Fans of the classics can play live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat. Simultaneously, the team also offers fun variants and less traditional releases to their audience. Fortune Wheel Live, Sic Bo, Fortune Roulette, Dragon Tiger, Speed Roulette Live, and Bull Bull are just some highlights. The number of options we can choose from is incredible!

eBET does a great job of keeping you focused on the action. They design their games in such a way to put the focus on the table and the host. Another area in which this software provider excels is the language support. eBET releases are fully localized in over 15 languages and support up to 37 currencies and cryptocurrencies. With so many language options, they can cater to a broad audience in Europe and Asia. The company was so successful that it had to open a second European studio to keep up with demand.

The software provider does a great job of keeping a consistent lobby design across all their games. When possible, games go full screen to keep track of what is happening on the table. All other user interface elements get pushed to the sides and the bottom of the screen. You can always see these elements on the screen, making it easy to check the information whenever you want. While it is not the sleekest UI in existence, its functionality makes up for that.

We are happy to report the developer runs all studios from which they stream their games. That makes integrating them all in a single lobby an easy task for eBET. Having all releases in one lobby makes it easy to swap between releases you want to play. One glance reveals all releases available in your region and support.

eBet live casino table

eBet live casino table

eBET Casino Game Features

Players can enjoy all kinds of games if they pick eBET live games. One of the core reasons this developer became so popular was that they offered games others did not. If you enjoy Asian casino games, eBET has plenty of games you can try. The team also keeps up with what is popular in European markets. The most obvious examples of this are releases such as Good Fortune Roulette and Fortune Wheel Live. These titles add multipliers to live games, showing that eBET is keeping up with recent live casino innovations.

For live dealer releases, immersion is an essential factor to consider. Allowing your players to get lost in your game keeps them engaged for longer. eBET does not go all out to keep casino members immersed. However, they take steps to ensure you enjoy your time with their games. Almost all releases by this software provider allow you to interact with dealers using live chat. You can see other tables in the background of every game, adding to the casino atmosphere.

Part of what makes eBET games so immersive are the talented live dealers. The company hires trained dealers to handle dealing cards and oversee gameplay. Hosts interact with what players write in live chat. By default, the chat window is in the bottom right corner of the screen in every eBET game you play.

However, that is not always the case. The company does their best to keep a consistent design style across its games. However, the primary goal of every user interface is to display information to the player. Sometimes, specific details have to be moved around to make that possible. eBET does its best to keep what is happening on the table full screen. However, certain games minimize the window to make more room for the UI. You can see this clearly with titles such as roulette and sic bo, which have massive betting boards.

eBET Software Perks

eBET’s initial popularity came from its excellent support for mobile devices. This remains a strong point for their software several years down the line. You can launch every release this company offers on mobile and personal computers. It does not matter if you play on iOS, Android, Mac or PC. All these platforms run eBET games flawlessly. The only difference between these versions is the UI, which makes sense. In terms of gameplay and features, all versions are identical.

The company also has a certificate issued by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). The certificate ensures the developers’ products successfully meet generally-accepted industry standards for highly-regulated jurisdictions. The extra effort help reassure sceptical players, which might lead to them giving eBET software a chance.

Another advantage this developer has is being great at following trends. It ensures casino members always have something exciting to play. The team offers many well-known casino games we see from other developers. At the same time, eBET offers numerous Asian live casino games and fun variants increasingly popular in Europe.

Put it all together, and eBET has plenty of great things to offer interested casino members. The team provides high-quality games and has shown they are great at following trends. Thanks to that, we see a bright future ahead of them. If you are looking to try something new, consider trying some of eBET’s excellent titles.