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Pragmatic Play Live made a big splash when it first launched. Seeing a significant slot developer enter the live dealer market was a big deal at the time. However, they are not the only software provider to take this path. MediaLive Casino made a similar shift. When the company was first formed in 2005, it worked on virtual, RNG-powered casino games. Eventually, the developer moved into the live casino space full-time. It is a bold move, but it worked out well for MediaLive Casino.

Unfortunately, many casino members have never come across this software provider and its games. Their releases can be challenging to find, as they have limited representation in online casinos. Does that automatically mean that MediaLive Casino games are not worth playing? Or does that mean that many players and online casinos are missing out on some top-tier releases?

Is MediaLive Casino a Good Software Provider?

The best way to check whether MediaLive Casino offers good software is to check what kind of games it has. The developer gives players multiple live blackjack, live baccarat, and live roulette games. However, you should not dismiss their selection because it only features classic live games. MediaLive Casino also has plenty of exciting and ambitious projects. Titles such as VR Roulette and Jackpot Live Roulette show the developer loves to experiment. Players can also enjoy land-based roulette games from several high-profile brick-and-mortar casinos.

Having a diverse selection of games goes a long way in helping you stand out from other developers. We are rather pleased to see it from MediaLive Casino. The company does not allow its smaller reach to stop it from exploring new avenues. Instead, the team leverages its experience and ambition to push live casino games further. That was the recipe Evolution used to succeed. If this software provider can replicate it, they can gain from it heavily.

Another area where MediaLive Casino impressed us was its user interface. It does not look eye-catching at first. However, a more detailed look reveals plenty of intelligent design choices. The UI looks good but keeps to the bottom and top of the screen. That way, your eyes are always focused on the action in front of you. Players can quickly decide to clear prior bets or to play the same wager again with buttons above the coin values. Everything is clearly labeled, which helps inexperienced players find their way around.

Their live casino games are available through two studios based in Malta. The first recreates the feel of an actual real-world casino. Meanwhile, their second chroma-key studio uses green screens to change the design for the background. The company uses the second studio primarily for dedicated casino environments. Both studios feature high-quality streams and great tables, ensuring you stay immersed as you play these games.

MediaLive Casino gameplay

MediaLive Casino gameplay

MediaLive Casino Game Features

We cannot discuss what makes MediaLive Casino’s games unique without talking about their most ambitious undertaking. VR Roulette takes full advantage of the nascent technology to take the next step towards immersion. The developer decided to get in early on the market and beat everyone else to the punch. MediaLive Casino’s VR Roulette gives you a 360-degree game world. You start facing the roulette table and can turn and move through the software provider’s studios. All you need is a VR visor and a casino that offers this game.

Another notable MediaLive Casino feature is the jackpot. Over the years, large software providers experimented with all kinds of big prizes. However, this software provider was the first to bring jackpots to live roulette with this formula. Jackpot live roulette offers three progressive jackpots: bronze, silver, and gold. They award their prize when the same number wins three, four, or five times in a row, respectively. The jackpot is split between all players who wagered on that number, based on how much money you bet.

MediaLive Casino knows the atmosphere of a game is vital. Players want different things, and games need to meet their demands. Some casino members wish to enjoy an exclusivity atmosphere. The developer’s chroma-key live games are perfect for such players. Thanks to green screens, operators can easily apply their brand to the background.

Their Malta-based studio appeals to the crowd that wants a simulated brick-and-mortar casino. As for players who want to rub shoulders with real people? The software provider has several live roulette games streamed from real-world locations. Casino members can enjoy roulette streamed from Sanremo Casino in Italy, Nova Gorica Casino in Slovenia, and Olympic Casino in Estonia. Finally, auto roulette exists for players who do not care for the atmosphere and just want to focus on the fun.
Regardless of what casino game you choose to play, you will be greeted by friendly and engaging dealers. With both studios based in Malta, the live dealers speak English natively. Great news for anyone looking for an immersive experience!

MediaLive Casino Software Perks

An essential part for any live casino developer is to create good cross-platform continuity. On that front, MediaLive Casino knocks it out of the park. Their games are available on computers, smartphones, and tablets. You can start playing on one device and swap to another midway without issues. MediaLive Casino allows operators to integrate their games into other platforms easily.

Casino members can also rest easy knowing the software provider has them covered for all the essential games. Players can enjoy live blackjack, live baccarat, and live roulette made by this developer. However, it is easy to see MediaLive Casino favors live roulette above all other games. Their VR game, brick-and-mortar titles, and progressive jackpot are roulette games. It does not seem like the software provider has plans for expanding their library into more exotic releases. That is a shame because it would seriously bolster its game library.

While MediaLive Casino is not perfect, it still impacted us significantly. Their high-quality releases and unique titles made them a blast to experience. Unfortunately, they can be somewhat hard to find. If you do, we at the Livecasino24 team recommend trying their games.