Learn to Play Evolution’s Bingo-Style Game Show MONOPOLY Big Baller

The success of MONOPOLY Live showed that even less traditional releases could be big hits with players. As such, a sequel to the game was inevitable! MONOPOLY Big Baller delivers a similar brand of fun while delivering an innovative way to play.

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Our review will cover everything you want to know about the new Evolution release. We go over its additions, how to play, what features you can expect, and more. Do you have what it takes to be a big baller?

What is MONOPOLY Big Baller?

MONOPOLY Big Baller is a sequel to MONOPOLY Live, which combined the popular Hasbro board game with a lucky wheel. The new game goes in a different direction, swapping the wheel of fortune for a bingo machine. Players win prizes by completing lines on bingo cards or by activating bonus rounds.

If you are familiar with bingo, then you will already be familiar with how MONOPOLY Big Baller plays. The game keeps things interesting by making each bingo card offer one of two extra effects: Chances and Free Spaces. Two bonus bingo cards activate the game’s two features when all their numbers are filled.

How to Play MONOPOLY Big Baller?

Every round of the game starts with a brief betting period. You can select how many bingo cards you will play during this time and if you want to play the two bonus cards. You can choose whether your bingo cards will be Chance or Free Space cards and how many of each you want.

Bingo cards will display randomly generated numbers once betting ends. Mr. Monopoly pulls a lever, adding random multipliers or free spaces to the cards. The bingo machine also becomes active, drawing 20 balls out of the 60 available ones. If a selected ball exists on a card, it marks it with a red dot. Players receive an appropriate payout if said dots completely cover a line on the bingo card.

MONOPOLY Big Baller Bonus Features

Chance bingo cards can receive one of three multipliers. You can get a standard multiplier assigned to a unique number. If a winning combination has that number, winnings for that card are increased by the multiplier.

Line multipliers assign a payout increase to a specific payline. Players receive the boosted reward if that line wins.

Last up is the global multiplier, which multiplies any wins on the cards. If other multipliers are present, they will also be increased by the global multiplier.

Free space cards add random empty spaces to bingo cards. Free spaces act as drawn numbers, decreasing how many numbers you need to match in order to win.

Complete the Three Rolls and Five Rolls bonus cards to win three or five rolls on the Monopoly board feature. You can trigger both extras simultaneously, with one playing after another.

You move through the board by rolling two dice. The number displayed by the dice indicates how many spaces you move, winning the initial multiplier on the position you land on. If Mr. Monopoly passes Go, all future multipliers are doubled. Additionally, there are special squares with unique effects.

Tax and Super Tax squares reduce your winnings by 10% and 20% if you stop on them. Go To Jail sends you to prison and requires you to roll a double to escape. Finally, Chance and Community Chest cards can either grant a cash prize or charge a fee.

Does MONOPOLY Big Baller Have Any Strategies?

MONOPOLY Big Baller has many moving parts and relies on randomness to determine results. As such, there is no guaranteed way to win the game. However, there are minor ways to increase your chances of winning.

The improved payouts of Chance cards mean little if you fail to form a winning line. Because of that, Free Space cards tend to be a better bet. Since you can play multiple cards, we recommend going for mostly Free Space cards with one Chance card to fish for big multipliers.

Is Evolution’s MONOPOLY Big Baller Worth Your Time?

We enjoyed the predecessor of this Evolution release. After trying MONOPOLY Big Baller, we are happy to report it exceeded all our expectations. The game retains the fun extra feature while adding something new and fun to the table. If you have not yet tried it, we at livecasino24.com highly recommend doing so!

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