Battle of Lucky Wheels: Sweet Bonanza CandyLand vs Crazy Time

Evolution remains the undisputed king of live casino games. While new developers have entered the space, the team has managed to stay one step ahead of time. However, Evolution’s rivals are very quickly closing the gap. Something we can see with Pragmatic Play’s latest lucky wheel Sweet Bonanza CandyLand. The game quickly gained popularity owing to its simple gameplay and fun features.

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That said, Pragmatic Play’s latest release did not invent the formula. Instead, the gameplay outline for Sweet Bonanza CandyLand has been defined before. Evolution’s Crazy Time stands as the most successful lucky wheel, offering several lucrative bonus rounds. It raises an obvious question: how do these two games compare? Will one of them succeed in taking the crown in this battle of lucky wheels?

The Similarities

Unsurprisingly, the gameplay loop for both lucky wheels is identical. Both games feature a massive wheel with numbers and bonuses on the wheel. Each number and bonus are colour-coded, making them easy to spot on the wheel. Players win by placing a bet that the wheel will draw the special feature or number in the upcoming round.

If the wheel draws a number that you bet on, you receive the relevant payout. In both games, the number matches the payout that you will receive. That means number five will pay 5x the amount you wagered on it. The same is true for bonus rounds. After they finish, they will award a multiplier prize. This multiplier is combined with how much you bet on that bonus to determine your cash prize.

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Both casino games feature a maximum payout of $500,000. Both Crazy Time and Sweet Bonanza CandyLand could theoretically pay more if you wagered enough money. Sadly, both developers chose to keep the limit there. If you are gunning for big wins, both options give you the same maximum jackpot.

Even the presentation between the two lucky wheels is similar. Both are played in bright studios with tons of flashing lights. They give you the feeling that you have temporarily left reality behind to go somewhere truly fantastical. Crazy Time has an awesome carnival setting, culminating in the Crazy Time bonus. Meanwhile, Sweet Bonanza CandyLand is set in a delicious candy world that will leave your stomach rumbling.

The Differences

The main area where these two lucky wheels differ is their special features. Despite being older, Crazy Time has more bonuses. Evolution’s release has the Top Slot multiplier, and the Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time bonus rounds. This gives it much more gameplay diversity than you might get from Sweet Bonanza CandyLand. However, it can also make this release feel a touch overwhelming.

By comparison, Pragmatic Play’s lucky wheel goes for fewer promotions. Furthermore, all of them are quite simple. Sugar Bomb increases your payout in the upcoming round by up to 10x. Sweet Spins awards ten free spins for the Sweet Bonanza slot. Candy Drop requires you to pick a ball as it bounces down a ‘plinko’ wall. Any multipliers collected along the way are granted as a payout.

The only special features we can say are similar between the two are Candy Drop and Pachinko. Sweet Spins awards free spins for a popular Pragmatic Play slot built into their live casino release. Coin Flip flips a coin and grants you the corresponding multiplier. Cash Hunt has you choose a random payout based on what symbol you pick. Finally, Crazy Time lets you spin a massive wheel that can award overwhelming prizes!

Which Lucky Wheel Wins?

Most of the differences between these two lucky wheels come from their setting and their special features. In terms of gameplay and rewards, both options are almost identical. The gameplay side of that is expected, as there is not much variety to how lucky wheels can draw prizes. However, we were hoping the newer game might offer bigger payouts to entice players. Sadly, that did not happen.

Your choice of theme ranges between a carnival and a world full of sugar. The difference between the wheels is nothing special since both are bright and full of charm. That means the only stand-out differences come from the special features. Do you go for Pragmatic Play’s version and its simpler bonuses? Do you choose Evolution’s release and its greater variety? Either way, live casino fans will have a blast.