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Evolution continues to prove time and again that it is the best developer of live casino games. They are also very good at perfecting game elements. This time they are using the bonus game Pachinko from their big hit Crazy Time to make it a standalone live casino game: Crazy Pachinko.

After Evolution previously combined a live casino bonus game with an RNG slot with Crazy Coin Flip, they are doing it again. The popular bonus game Pachinko is combined with a slot machine. This combination forms Crazy Pachinko.

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What is Crazy Pachinko Live?

Let’s take a closer look at this new creation of Evolution. This is a slot machine with lots of winning combinations and a crazy bonus game. Every game starts with a slot game. You can determine your bet size and press play to start hunting for those winning combinations.

Next to all the normal winning combinations of the same symbols on a win line, which will give you a nice payout, you’re really aiming for the scattered symbols. Three scattered symbols will activate the Pachinko bonus game.

You can improve your chances of qualifying with Sticky Scatters. Just click on the Activate XXXTreme Button. This will cost you more per click but the chances of spinning 3 scatters will increase hugely.

Crazy Pachinko from Evolution

How to Play Crazy Pachinko

Time needed: 5 minutes

Crazy Pachinko is an RNG slots game packed with tons of multipliers, sticky scatters, and a live Pachinko Bonus game!

  1. Go to the live casino section and choose Crazy Pachinko

    The casino leads you to the live studio of Evolution Gaming where will enter the wonderful world of Crazy Pachinko.

    Crazy Pachinko Live Howto 1

  2. The game starts with a slots game

    Just like the popular game Crazy Coin Flip this live casino game also starts with a slots game. There is a five-reel slot that starts spinning as soon as you determine your bet size.

    Crazy Pachinko Live Howto 2

  3. Winning combinations

    You may get payouts for winning combinations, which are paid out according to the pay table. But the big goal is to qualify for the bonus game.

    Crazy Pachinko Live Howto 3

  4. Qualifying for the bonus game

    The goal is to land three scatter symbols in one spin to qualify for the Pachinko Bonus round. The scatter symbols may bring multipliers or not. If a scatter is on the top row, the next spin nudges it down to the middle row; if a scatter is on the middle row, the next spin nudges it down to the bottom row; and if a scatter is on the bottom row, it disappears on the next spin. There are 3 different modes to play the slot. Normal spin (set by default); XXXtreme Spin and Feature Buy. Normal spin is the cheapest way but then it’s harder to get 3 scatters.

    Crazy Pachinko Live Howto 4

  5. The Top-Up Phase

    After qualifying for the Pachinko Bonus round, and while waiting for it to begin, players have the option to spin the Top-Up slot for an extra cost to boost their multipliers. The Top-Up phase features a 16-reel slot, where each of the 16 squares is a reel that spins on its own, plus 16 sectors at the bottom with virtual values based on the player’s selected bet — the higher the bet, the higher the multiplier options are; values range from 2x to 100x.

    Crazy Pachinko Live Howto6

  6. Top-Up Slot

    To spin the Top-Up slot, the minimum Top-Up bet amount equals the bet the player qualified with (the base bet). Once the Top-Up time runs out, the player is transferred to the Pachinko Bonus round. By choosing to increase the Top-Up bet amount, the player also increases the value of multipliers. Multipliers move to a sector below the reel and may stack randomly under the vertical reel.
    Crazy Pachinko Live Howto 7

  7. The Bonus Game

    Once the Pachinko Bonus round starts, you can sit back and enjoy the live show led by a game host. The Pachinko Bonus game features an exciting multiplier wall, containing a random puck drop zone at the top and 16 random multipliers in the landing zone at the bottom. The puck is dropped randomly between zones 4 and 12.

    Crazy Pachinko Live Howto 5

The Bonus Game

Collect three scatter symbols to qualify for the Pachinko Bonus game, which has been made easier with the introduction of Sticky Scatters. But remember, each phase of the game presents opportunities to snag multipliers that accumulate, paving the way for potentially multiplied payouts.

The Pachinko Bonus game showcases the iconic Pachinko wall, where the game host drops the puck, just like in Crazy Time. All the accumulated multipliers throughout the game will be calculated and added to the wall.

If you are lucky enough, it might land on a ‘Double’ sector, doubling the multipliers on the wall and triggering a second puck drop for a colossal win.

The famous bonus game of Crazy Time is what it’s all about: Pachinko

Strategy to play Crazy Pachinko Live

There are two different strategies you can use to play Crazy Pachinko Live. You can play the standard game. Play the slot for a low value per spin and hope you’re lucky when it comes to getting three scattered symbols. If you’re lucky you’ll get the 3 scatters quick and you can play the bonus game.

If you want to invest a little more, you can press the “ACTIVATE XXXTREME” button. This will cost you more per spin but it guarantees at least 1 scatter every spin. The time to get 3 scatters will most of the time be much quicker.

FAQ about Crazy Pachinko Live

It is a live casino game show powered by Evolution. It’s a combination of an RNG slot with the bonus game Pachinko.

This exciting game has a maximum payout of €500,000.

Absolutely, all Evolution games can be played on your mobile device as well as on your desktop.

Crazy Pachinko Live will be playable in online casinos from November 29, 2023.

Crazy Pachinko is another live game show developed by the well-known developer Evolution.

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