Bombay Live Adds a New Speed Dragon Tiger to Its Portfolio

Ever since Bombay Live first caught our eye, we were impressed by the effort that goes into all their games. Even when they tackle variants of common games, the developer goes out of its way to spice things up. We see this in action with the team’s latest title: Speed Dragon Tiger.

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Does this new release do enough to warrant you spending time playing it? In this article, we’ll look into what Bombay Live has cooked up to find the answer. Keep reading to learn all about Speed Dragon Tiger and how it stacks up to the original.

Speed Dragon Tiger 101

The first Dragon Tiger tables were made to offer players a simplified version of Baccarat. Every round consists of two drawn cards placed on the dragon and tiger positions. Your goal is to predict which card will have a higher value once revealed. You can also predict if the round will end in a tie or suited tie. The latter only pays if the two cards have identical suits and values.

It’s a simple gameplay loop, and Speed Dragon Tiger recognizes it. That is why the only change it introduces is drastically shortening the waiting timer. Instead of waiting for 15+ seconds, this game cuts the waiting time down in half. You have just enough time to place bets before the round begins. Once you play a bet, you can press a button to repeat it. Alternatively, set up AutoPlay to keep doing the same wager until you cancel it.

Both tables display a detailed baccarat roadmap on the right side of the screen. It tells players the results of past rounds and whether Dragon or Tiger wins appeared more frequently. It also gives you an easy glimpse if there were any winning streaks or trends recently that you might want to try and snatch.

Speed Dragon Tiger Side Bets

Speed Dragon Tiger comes with three side bets, all of which were present in Bombay Live’s Dragon Tiger game. First are the Lucky Claws and Lucky Paws, which function identically. The only difference is Lucky Claws wins alongside the Dragon, while Lucky Paws scores when the Tiger is victorious. The highest ranking card must appear on the Dragon or Tiger position for players to win the side bet.

Mystic 5 is the more challenging side bet, requiring players to predict the outcome of five upcoming rounds correctly. You only win if you get all five guesses right.

Not New, But Still Exciting

Despite Speed Dragon Tiger not bringing much new to the table, we still enjoyed our time with it. It sticks to a formula that works for gameplay. Furthermore, it features jaw-dropping visuals with animated dragons and tigers roaring when they score a win.

If all you wanted out of the game was Dragon Tiger with faster rounds, then we at are happy to recommend this title to you. If you want something more complex, then Baccarat or Poker may be more up your alley.

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