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Banco Original is a Brazilian financial institution. It is a bank based in Brazil that enables bank transfers through its online banking platform and mobile app.

Banco Original is the first and only 100% digital bank in Brazil. In other words, it’s a platform that operates in the Brazilian banking market. It’s just tyhe same as a normal landbased bank but than totally digital. Some online casinos in Brasil accept payments from Banco Original

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About Banco Original

Banco Original is a modern Brazilian financial institution that offers a range of innovative digital banking services. It emerged as a disruptor in the Brazilian banking sector, leveraging technology to provide customers with a fresh and efficient approach to managing their finances. Established in 2011, it has since gained recognition for its user-friendly digital platforms and forward-thinking financial solutions.

Banco Original can be used for online gambling in Brasil

Banco Original can be used for online gambling in Brasil

Target Markets

Banco Original primarily targets tech-savvy individuals and businesses in Brazil looking for a modern and digitally-oriented banking experience. The bank’s services cater to a wide range of financial needs, from personal banking to business solutions. Banco Original’s emphasis on digital convenience makes it appealing to those who prefer online and mobile banking.

Creating an Account

Opening an account with Banco Original is designed to be a user-friendly process. Prospective clients can initiate the account creation process through the bank’s website or mobile app. Banco Original typically requires standard account opening documentation, which may include proof of identity, proof of address, and other requisite information.

How to Deposit with Banco Original

Depositing funds into a Banco Original account is a seamless experience. The bank provides multiple deposit options, including electronic transfers, mobile check deposits, and cash deposits at partner ATMs. Banco Original’s digital platforms, including its mobile app, make remote deposits easy, allowing users to manage their funds from virtually anywhere.

Transfer Times and Fees

Transfer times with Banco Original are generally efficient, particularly for transactions within the bank’s network. Domestic transfers and payments are often processed quickly, often within the same day. However, international transfers may take longer due to intermediary bank involvement and currency exchange processes. As for fees, Banco Original may charge for certain services, and the fee structure can vary based on the transaction type and account. Users should consult the current fee schedule to understand the costs associated with specific services.


Banco Original places a strong emphasis on security to ensure the safety of customer transactions and data. The bank employs advanced encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication to protect sensitive financial information. Banco Original’s proactive approach to safeguarding against fraud and securing customer data adds to the trustworthiness of the bank.

In conclusion, Banco Original stands as a forward-thinking and digitally-driven financial institution, offering modern solutions for individuals and businesses in Brazil. With robust security features, user-friendly account creation, and diverse deposit options, it is a reliable choice for those seeking a contemporary banking experience. It’s a popular payment method in Brasil. However, users should be aware of potential fees associated with certain services and keep abreast of the current fee structure.