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BHIM, or Bharat Interface for Money, is one of India’s fastest-growing online payment methods. BHIM is a payment app that lets you make simple, easy, and quick transactions using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI). Like other Indian payment methods, users can pay or request money through their UPI ID. What sets BHIM apart is that it is not a private company. Instead, the National Payments Corporation of India operates and maintains BHIM.

This payment method is not an e-wallet. It uses UPI to connect to your bank account and process transactions securely. After a first-time setup, BHIM is easy to use. It is available on iOS and Android devices and supports over twenty languages. These factors contribute to more and more Indian live casino players using BHIM for their transactions.

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How Does BHIM Work?

You need to download the BHIM app before you can start using it. Once installed, players select their preferred language. The app requires you to connect to a phone number registered with your bank. Adding the number allows you to link your bank account to BHIM through UPI. Set your UPI pin, and you are ready to go! Remember not to forget the PIN since you have to use it to authenticate your transactions.

Use BHIM payments for depositing at an online casino

Use BHIM payments for depositing at an online casino

BHIM does not offer any charges for handling transactions. However, individual banks may have specific fees players need to keep track of. As a payment method provided by the Indian government, BHIM only supports payments in Indian rupees. Only banks connected through the UPI ecosystem support BHIM.

How to Deposit via BHIM?

After setting up your BHIM, you can use it to make deposits in many places, including online casinos. Sending money through BHIM can be done in several ways. Players can send money to a virtual payment address, a mobile number registered via UPI, or an account number and IFS code. BHIM also supports scanning a QR code to handle transactions.

Players should select UPI as their payment method when depositing in online casinos. From there, they need to enter their UPI address and the amount they wish to deposit. Confirm the transaction using your UPI PIN and proceed with the payment. Follow the on-screen instructions, and you will have no issues funding your account.

How to Withdraw via BHIM?

Withdrawing money using BHIM follows a similar set of steps. The simplest way to handle BHIM withdrawals is to enter your UPI ID and the amount you wish to withdraw. However, some websites may require additional details, such as your IFSC code. After entering your information, press confirm, and it should send the withdrawal requests. How long you have to wait for the request to be approved varies between casinos.

Make sure you are not withdrawing money while a casino promotion is active on your account. This will mean forfeiting the bonus and the loss of all bonus funds. You should also keep the casino’s transaction limits in mind. Otherwise, the casino will deny your request.

Transfer Times, Fees, and Security

BHIM takes security seriously. It verifies your bank account access through your phone number and debit card. It also requires you to verify each transaction with a UPI pin. NPCI, a government-run corporation, runs BHIM, which adds to its security. BHIM transactions are encrypted, preventing attempts at tampering or hacking.

Another advantage of BHIM not being a private company is that it does not charge fees. While individual banks may charge users, BHIM itself does not charge you for any deposits and withdrawals. Withdrawal times vary between online casinos but should not take longer than a couple of days.