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The online banking ecosystem has “erupted”, becoming a primary way of paying bills, purchasing, and – funding online casino accounts. E-wallets, payment gateways, open banking, and digital vouchers are available across the globe. Moreover, payment methods tailored for a specific country or region have also become staples at casinos as they combine convenience and efficiency. We present you EPS – an Austrian banking service trusted by millions.

Eps-Überweisung caters to both online casinos and players in Austria. All banks in the country support this platform. So what does that mean, actually? It means you don’t need to worry if you wish to top up your casino balance directly from the bank account. Moreover, you don’t need additional credentials aside from those you already use for regular eBanking, which are safe and sound with EPS.

Gamers from Austria use Eps-Überweisung every day and don’t intend to change it. Why? Read on to learn how EPS works and why you should choose it as your preferred casino deposit and withdrawal method.

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About eps-Überweisung

Electronic Payment Standard, or simply EPS, is a secure online payment system developed by STUZZA in cooperation with all Austrian banks. STUZZA is the Austrian Study Society for Cooperation in Payment Transactions, one of the primary financial regulators in the country. Moreover, STUZZA represents Austria in other international financial bodies proving how reputable it is.

When such a trusted organisation backs up one payment method, it ensures the final product is successful. And this is exactly what happened with Eps-Überweisung. Since STUZZA’s primary goal is to set up technological standards that all financial institutions in the country must follow, EPS was based on solid grounds right from the start. And it all started in 2001 when EPS was conceived.

From then on, EPS grew and became a banking option allowing users to transact online with their existing bank credentials. All banks in Austria let you pay wits EPS right from your eBanking portal. As a result, you can make purchases through EPS in more than 80% of digital merchants in the country, including casino sites. However, the payment gateway also expanded its reach into Germany when Giropay and Eps-Überweisung started a collaboration in 2014. Now, casino players from Germany can also make deposits with EPS if their banks work with Giropay.

If you still have any concerns about EPS, the fact that this online transfer method has become an official e-Government service should dispel all your doubts. All tax offices in Austria replaced receipts with EPS, which pleased many citizens.

eps is very popular in Germany

eps is very popular in Germany

Target Markets

We’ve mentioned above that EPS entered the German market in 2016 after teaming up with Giropay. They merged the lists of banks they work with and thus significantly enlarged the customer base. To conclude, Austrian and German gamers can make secure and quick online casino deposits from a bank account through a single gateway.

EPS Account

Another benefit of selecting EPS for casino banking is that you don’t need to set up any additional account. You only need an account in a local bank that supports EPS, which is every bank in Austria. In other words, you’ll make transactions within your existing banking ecosystem with credentials you already use for online banking.

How to Deposit with EPS

When you select one of the EPS online casinos we recommend on this page, go to the cashier. Look for the purple EPS or Eps-Überweisung logo and hit the button to start the process. Set the amount you plan to send to the casino balance and pick your bank from the drop-down list.

When you do this, the site will redirect you to your online banking page, so the casino won’t see any of your personal details. Log in to your account and confirm the transaction. You will receive an SMS with the transfer authentication number (TAN) you must enter to verify the transfer. The money will become available in your casino balance after completing all this. Now, head over to the lobby and pick the game. Good luck.

How to Withdraw with EPS?

Well, nothing’s perfect. The main and, actually, the only EPS downside is you can’t use it to cash out winnings from the casino. This is a significant flaw, but it’s not something you can’t overcome. You can always use another payment method for withdrawals, so before you start playing, visit the casino’s payments page to check which options are supported. Remember that bank transfers are generally available at all online casinos, so don’t worry. You won’t need to register with any other online casino payment method unless you want to use something else.

Transfer Times, Fees, and Security

Deposits are completed in minutes upon confirming the transfer. The bank will notify the casino immediately when you authorise the transaction so you can open the games section and browse without delay. Withdrawals will differ since you must pick another option. Still, cashouts also depend on the time the casino needs to check your request. Most have a 24-hour pending period during which the finance team will scrutinise the submission and greenlight the transfer if everything’s fine.

Fees are also not part of the EPS “equation”. The casino will pay STUZZA for facilitating the transfers, but they won’t charge you to mitigate these costs. They are so low that none of the casinos won’t jeopardise their reputation and lose members if they add fees to casino deposits.

Speaking of security, the Government in Austria supports EPS, so you can rest assured your transactions are 100% protected. Nothing is being shared with third parties, and all transfers are handled within the banks’ robust and heavily guarded systems. On top of that, SSL encryption is in place, and the Austrian Ministry of Finance fully regulates the provider. You can’t have more guarantees than this.