Diamond Rush Roulette vs Lightning Roulette: Who Wins?

Not long ago, Diamond Rush Roulette from OnAir Entertainment swept us off our feet. It used a familiar formula but added its own twists to make it unique in a crowded market. However, for all of its additions, the game wears its inspiration on its sleeve. The developers set out to take the baseline set by Lightning Roulette and make something unique with it.

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That is why we decided to compare these two releases and see how they match up to each other. Will Diamond Rush Roulette trounce its predecessor, or will Evolution’s live casino game knock its rival out cold? Keep reading to find out.

Battle of the Wheels

Both games rely on a physical wheel that follows European Roulette rules. That means both use a 37-pocket wheel numbered 0-36 and reward you when you guess where the ball will land. You can place straight-up bets that cover one number or several inside and outside bets that let you wager on multiple positions simultaneously.

This is where the first difference between Diamond Rush Roulette and Lightning Roulette appears. The multipliers granted by Evolution’s release only work on straight-up bets. OnAir Entertainment is more lenient, allowing all inside bets to benefit from the added multipliers. However, only straight-up bets get the full multiplier benefit. Splits get ½ of the multiplier, corner bets get ¼ of the multiplier, etc.

Because Diamond Rush Roulette adds multipliers to all inside bets, it also lowers their non-multiplied payouts. Despite this, OnAir Entertainment’s title ends up with an RTP advantage, showing just how valuable it is to get multipliers on more wagers.

Multipliers Galore

As the first game to introduce multipliers to roulette, Lightning Roulette is straightforward. Every round, up to five numbers will be chosen to appear with multipliers that range from 50x to 500x. Meanwhile, Diamond Rush Roulette will generate either one, three, five, or ten multipliers every round. Each multiplier can go up to 500x, which gives the newer game a slight edge.

However, OnAir Entertainment didn’t stop there. Alongside the ten Lucky Number multipliers, the game will also select a single Bonus Number. Correctly predicting the Bonus Number will launch a special feature with unique gameplay that can award up to 5,000x.

Players pick one of five options labelled A to E, each with a different multiplier value. Guess correctly, and you advance to the next level. Choose a losing tile, and the feature ends for you. There are six levels in total, though you can decide to cash out between levels instead of risking your winnings.

Who Wins the Clash?

When Lightning Roulette first came out, it was innovative and different. The fact it remains successful to this day is proof of the impact it had on the industry. However, other multiplier roulettes have already swept past it before Diamond Rush Roulette came out. Titles like Playtech’s Mega Fire Blaze Roulette pushed the multiplier roulette genre to its limit, with the title feeling more like a game show than roulette. OnAir Entertainment’s release beats Lightning Roulette but sticks closer to the roulette formula than other titles. As such, we think it will be very popular with casino-goers worldwide. If you haven’t tried it already, we highly recommend doing so.

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