Difference Between Real Dealer & Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games did not suddenly appear on the market and become the next biggest thing. They were a small addition that grew and expanded over time. For players, live casino releases offered a way to simulate the real world casino experience. A way to enjoy your favourite casino games while actually interacting with the dealer. Clearly a recipe for success, given how well live dealer games and their developers are doing!

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However, these games are not without their downsides. Players had to give up a bit of convenience to enjoy live casino games. Demo modes are not a thing for these game types. The timer will frequently rush you to place your wagers faster. These are common problems and ones that live casinos are working hard to solve. Now, a new competitor is offering an experience similar to live dealer games with none of the drawbacks. Say hello to real dealer games!

What are Real Dealer Games?

Real dealer games are a brand new product by Real Dealer Studios. The games are launched primarily as part of Microgaming’s platform. The concept behind this game type is very simple. The software provider combines pre-filmed footage of live casino gameplay with a random number generator. This allows real dealer games to offer the best of both worlds to their players.

On one hand, a professional team of film industry professionals works hard to capture the best footage possible. The software provider made every effort to impress with these titles, too. Microgaming and Real Dealer Studios brought on famous and talented dealers like Sarati, Courtney, Matthew and Holly. Judging by the recent success of these releases, we expect even more star appearances.

What makes these guest appearances possible is the fact real dealer games are not actual live casino games. All the action is recorded ahead of time, meaning the dealer on the screen does not actually draw the card. What cards you receive with every round is determined using a random number generator. It also means you cannot interact with the people on the screen, unlike actual live casino games.

Real Dealer Advantages

The primary draw of real dealer game is the ability to avoid the hassles attached to live dealer games. They give you a similar enough experience without forcing you to rush with your bets, for example. If you want convenience, then real dealer games are definitely your cup of tea.

Real dealer games are also a great option for people who are fans of specific dealers. If you ever wanted a one on one experience with Sarati, live dealer casinos cannot offer that. However, real dealer games can! Of course, there are limitations to this system. You cannot actually talk to your favourite dealers. For that, you will need to turn to live casino games.

Live Casino Advantages

In fact, we would suggest sticking to live dealer releases if you prefer a fluid experience. As it currently stands, real dealer games can feel a bit choppy. This is something you audibly hear when the dealers talk about what cards you have drawn. We hope that real dealer games will solve this problem going forward.

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That said, there are some parts of live casino games they cannot match. The star factor is cool, but it is not the same as chatting with the dealer and other players. Anyone who has played game shows recently knows what a difference an excited host can make. If you enjoy the multiplayer aspect of live dealer games, real dealer games are not for you. They are single player experiences, not multiplayer ones.

What We Think

When you add it all up, live casino games win out. At least, they do for us. The experience they offer more than makes up for the flaws they bring. However, not everyone will agree with that. For some players, the added convenience of real dealer games might be enough to sacrifice immersion. It all comes down to what your priorities are.

Personally, we tried both types of games extensively and we recommend you do the same. After you try both, you can settle on your favourite.