Evolution Crazy Time Bonus Rounds & Best Playing Strategy

Some games are so good they never truly fade away. That is the case with Evolution’s Dream Catcher. A release that has won the hearts and minds of many players. It also ended up inspiring multiple sequels and rivals! Each addition fine-tuned the formula, and led to the creation of Crazy Time. The ultimate successor to the popular Dream Catcher game, with several fun special features.

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Despite being fun to play, many players feel intimidated by Evolution’s latest lucky wheel. It feels overwhelming if you just start playing. That is why we prepared this handy guide for all of Crazy Time’s bonuses. This livecasino24.com article will teach you all about the available special features and the best playing strategy for this release.

Top 3 Live Casinos Crazy Time

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt is a large wall of 108 multipliers. What multipliers you draw are completely random. They will be hidden behind various symbols, which are shuffled so you cannot predict where they appear. Once this happens, you are given a countdown to shoot at the board. Select one of the icons and you will reveal the multiplier hidden beneath. If you do not make a choice, the game will choose one multiplier randomly.


Pachinko looks similar at first glance. Once again, we have a large wall that contains multipliers. Sixteen random multipliers are placed at the bottom of the screen. The dealer will climb to the top of the screen, and drop a puck down the screen. The puck can land on one of the multipliers, or the Double field. Landing on Double will double all multipliers, and the puck is dropped again. If all multipliers reach a value of 10,000x, the Double position is replaced with a 10,000x win.

Coin Flip

You are taken away from the main wheel. The game will flip a coin with two sides. One side is red, and the other is blue. Each side has a different multiplier attached. Select one side before the timer runs out, or the game will pick one for you. If you picked the winning side, you will receive its win multiplier as a prize.

Crazy Time

This special feature shows us an even bigger lucky wheel to play with. It consists of a large 64-segment wheel and three flappers. Each position on this bigger wheel consists of a win multiplier value. Choose the green, blue or yellow flapper. When the wheel stops spinning, the multiplier underneath your chosen flapper will be your reward. Flappers can also stop on Double or Triple segments, which double or triple all multiplier, respectively.

Rescue Drop

You can benefit from this bonus during Pachinko and Coin Flip special features. For Pachinko, it has a chance of activating if a 2x, 3x or 4x multiplier is drawn. It can also trigger randomly if the assigned multiplier in Coin Flip is too low. In both cases, Rescue Drop allows players to play the bonus again. The result of the repeated round are final.

Crazy Time Playing Strategy

The big list of bonuses is why we chose Crazy Time as one of 2020’s most attractive game shows. It entertains us in a way few other of its live casino rivals are able to. However, that same complexity leaves many wondering what the best way to play it is. We tried a few playing strategies. This one has given us the best result, and we are sharing it with you.

Start with two numbers; we usually go for one and ten. Bet enough on each number to make your stake back when a low paying bonus round is activated. You will also want to place bets on Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time bonuses. The strategy will keep you afloat long enough for a big multiplier win to appear.