Evolution Lightning Roulette: A New Take on the Casino Classic

Some software providers need no introduction. And Evolution Gaming has quite deservingly earned that right! Their high quality streams and excellent dealers have swept both casinos and players off their feet. But the team didn’t stop there.

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Exclusively focused on live dealer games, they continued to innovate. First, they brought in new variants of popular releases. Then, they opted for something brand new.

We’ve already covered the team’s amazing Monopoly Live game. It showcased the brilliance of Evolution’s team. Combining a popular board game and with the fan favourite Dream Catcher wheel was a stroke of genius! Today, we’ll take a look at another attempt at innovation. Say hello to Lightning Roulette, an award-winning game that combines roulette and lucrative multipliers!

Similarities to European Roulette

At first glance, you would be forgiven if you thought it was just a stylish re-skin. It looks really cool with a black and gold colour scheme. But that alone doesn’t justify winning Product Innovation of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards. A careful look at the wheel and table shows it looks and plays exactly like a standard European roulette game. And it’s not just because of the looks.

The rules under which Lightning Roulette operates are almost identical to European roulette. There’s no double zero to artificially increase the house edge. At the same time, you don’t have access to French bets, or rules like La Partage. So why would you choose this release over French roulette? That’s because Evolution has an ace up its sleeve. And that ace is called multiplier wins!

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What Makes Lightning Roulette Unique

You’ll immediately notice the presence of bet multipliers on the board. They appear on a single number and drastically increase its payout for that one round. These multipliers don’t appear on every wheel spin. Sometimes, you’ll have a round with several multipliers. Other times, you’ll go through dozens of rounds without seeing one! It adds to the game’s house edge, but it also increases the maximum prize you can win.

Naturally, it prompts the question: is it worth it? From a purely mathematical perspective, probably not. The reason why is simple; you only win the multiplier prize if you directly bet on that particular number. A bet on all black will still be an even bet. That means you have to jump through three hoops. First, your number has to be chosen by the wheel. Second, Evolution’s RNG system has to boost it with a multiplier!

And the third is the type of multiplier you get! See, there are a total of six different multipliers the number can be boosted to. Those are 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x and 500x. So even if the first two conditions are met, you could still only get a 50x increase. Which isn’t bad, but it’s a far cry from the 500x we’re all gunning for. Combined with a 29:1 win for a straight win instead of the usual 35:1, and it’s not looking too hot.

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Is Lightning Roulette Worth It?

That’s a question that livecasino24.com cannot answer for you. The answer lies in you, the player, and what you want from a round of roulette. You could argue regular roulette is more reliable and has a smaller house edge. It’s also more reliable, meaning we can implement existing roulette strategies there. Lightning Roulette and its multipliers are chaotic. For more traditional players, the bigger wins it offers are offset by the sacrifices it makes to try something new.

For punters looking to experiment with something different, we imagine it’s almost paradise! There’s a reason Lightning Roulette swept multiple awards at various iGaming events. There’s an undeniable thrill whenever multipliers appear on the board. And the satisfaction of scoring the right number and hitting the jackpot is incredible! We’ve seen this Evolution release described as a slot at times. And honestly, we think the description is unfair.

Multipliers are rare, but they’re not so rare that you’ll never see them. In the end, Lightning Roulette is just another variant of the casino classic we all know and love. Whether it’s better or worse depends solely on what you value in a round of roulette. So try it out for yourself! You might just find your new favourite game.