EZ Dealer Roulette from Ezugi: Review, Strategy & Tips

For many players, the ideal roulette game lies between live casino and RNG-powered titles. However, combining the immersion of live roulette with the convenience of single-player RNG roulette is a tall task. Over the years, many software providers have tried to make the idea work. Today, Ezugi is trying to combine the two with their latest title: EZ Dealer Roulette.

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The game is no standard live dealer roulette, even if it sometimes looks close to it. Instead, the title uses a random number generator to determine the results. Will this game and what it offers succeed in winning over players?

How EZ Dealer Roulette Works

EZ Dealer Roulette will look familiar to any fan of live casino games. Ezugi worked hard to capture countless hours of footage to help sell the illusion of a live game. The gameplay side of things works identically to live dealer roulette. However, results are determined using a random number generator instead of a real-world roulette wheel.

Because the footage is pre-recorded, you cannot interact with the host. All comments and announcements you hear are also prepared ahead of time and played randomly. Once again, Ezugi worked hard to record an impressive number of messages, as you rarely hear overlaps.

Ezugi uses the same user interface for EZ Dealer Roulette they use in all their other live roulette games. This makes trying this game much more accessible as an Ezugi fan.

How to Play EZ Dealer Roulette

You play EZ Dealer Roulette following European Roulette rules. That means the wheel has a single zero and access to several side bets tied to the racetrack. You place bets by selecting a coin value and setting them on the betting field. The game has a 15-second betting timer during which you must place all wagers.

Players have access to several wagers, which can be neatly split into inside and outside bets. Outside bets cover a large group of numbers but have small payouts. Inside bets are the opposite: only covering a few numbers but coming with better rewards. The fewer numbers a stake covers, the better the prize it awards will be.

The game does not just share its design and rules with European Roulette. It also has identical payouts and RTP. That means the highest win you can achieve during normal gameplay is a 35:1 payout for a single number bet. The RTP for EZ Dealer Roulette is 97.3% when played optimally.

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EZ Dealer Roulette Strategy

The developer did not change the gameplay loop in this release. Because of that, there is little in the way of a strategy you can use to give yourself an edge. The best way to consistently get wins is to play outside bets. Specifically, we are talking about wagers that cover the most positions: red/black, 1-18/19-36, and odd/even. These wagers offer the best RTP of the bunch.

You can also use progressive betting systems like the Martingale or the Paroli. These betting systems will not increase your odds of winning. However, they do change up how you might place bets. Betting systems can produce short terms gains but do not change the odds of winning. As such, progressive betting systems should be used as entertainment rather than a proper strategy.

EZ Dealer Roulette Tips and Tricks

EZ Dealer Roulette is available in a variety of languages. Alongside English, you can play it in Spanish, Russian, French, and many more languages. The title is widely available in many markets thanks to Ezugi’s localization effort. Being able to play the game in their local language helped it become a massive success in Thailand. You can change the game’s language directly from the settings menu.

Another helpful feature Ezugi offers is tracking hot and cold numbers. You can use the frequency of wins to plan your next move. While far from mandatory, it is an addition many livecasino24.com readers will appreciate having.