Ezugi and NuxGame Strike Up a New Content Agreement

If you’re looking to enjoy the summer heat with some premium Live Dealer content, you’ll now have even more opportunities to do so, thanks to the new content agreement between Ezugi and NuxGame. This partnership aims to bring Ezugi’s premium Live Dealer game’s to many new online gambling platforms, making it even easier to access fan-favorite Live Dealer titles from the well-known gaming platform.

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We’re no strangers to partnerships in the online gambling space. They’re an essential part of how iGaming companies operate, and they play a big role in bringing users top-tier casino content to enjoy. Of course, these partnerships can be incredibly varied, focusing on different things. Thankfully, the most common ones that take precedence right now are those that foster content sharing to new regions! One such deal is the new partnership between NuxGame and Ezugi. These powerhouses have teamed up to give online gambling fans an easy way to enjoy online gaming!

More Content, Easier Access

The primary purpose of the content agreement between NuxGame and Ezugi is to get the latter’s premium Live Casino products to reach as many players as possible. While Ezugi is already doing an excellent job at this on its own, a bit of extra help never hurts. Ezugi has expanded to several new regions over the years, reaching new players through partnerships with top-performing casinos and gambling operators. This deal isn’t too different. Since NuxGame has an innovative platform this allows even further expansion in untouched territories and online spaces.

NuxGame has recently entered into a few partnerships that help elevate this deal even further. The main thing to note is that the company is now a part of a few emerging markets, thanks to deals with Smartico.ai and QTechGames. One of these companies is a game distributor, which makes it easier to push content further. The other is a CRM automation platform, which can help keep things on track and foster great customer relationships going forward.

The Parties Involved

If you’re impressed by the exciting new content agreement between these two companies, you’ll surely be impressed by some of their separate achievements. The first company involved in this deal is Ezugi. If you’re an avid online gambling fan, you’ve likely encountered this content provider. The company is a Live Dealer game powerhouse, hosting a top-quality selection of Live Casino titles. These include classic titles like Baccarat, Auto Roulette, Roulette, Blackjack, Jackpot Roulette, and many more.

Something to note about Ezugi is the company’s penchant for collaborations with the best of the best. The company’s games can be found in over 200 operators worldwide, most of which are known as leaders in their respective regions.

NuxGame is practically a one-stop shop for all things gambling-related. The company caters to a long list of clients worldwide, with a particular focus on brands that need sports betting and online gambling solutions. The company provides versatile software to make life easier for other iGaming brands, including turnkey solutions, website APIs, sports engines, and much more!