Ezugi Proudly Debuts Exclusive Blackjack Salon Privé

Over the years, we have gotten quite used to Ezugi doing things differently from the rest of the industry. They played an instrumental role in showing the iGaming industry just how popular Indian casino games could be. Their expansion into non-European markets drove many other developers to do the same. The team is also going through a rebrand, moving towards a new, more modern design.

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Despite all of that, the team has continued to produce fantastic releases one after another. Awesome games that can be enjoyed by all kinds of players! However, today marks a somewhat different release. Ezugi’s Blackjack Salon Privé is designed as an exclusive product meant for the cream of the crop. Players can enjoy one of the most luxurious products in the team’s portfolio to date if they meet the entry requirements!

A Game Fit for a King

Have you ever wanted to sit down for a round of blackjack but found all the tables were full? Did you ever want to play multiple hands but could not due to table limitations? Some games let you get around these restrictions by giving each player the same hand. However, even that is not perfect. Yes, you control how your particular hand will be played. However, you still have to wait for other players. Alternatively, the betting timer could rush you when you just want to sit down and think about your next move.

With Blackjack Salon Privé, you get around all of these limitations. The game is designed to be exclusive for one player: you. Only one player is allowed per table. This comes with all the advantages you expect. Because no other players are present on the table, there is no betting timer to worry about. Casino members can take up all seven seats at once if they want to. Because this is a VIP product, the maximum bets are much higher than usual.

Best Live Casinos For Your Country

Another key element of this Ezugi release is the fact you can ask for a shoe change at any time. You do not get this privilege with regular blackjack tables. Furthermore, these games feature top VIP specialist dealers. The very best Ezugi has to offer are here to deal cards and keep players engaged. This is encompassed in a highly elegant, state-of-the-art studio designed by the developer. A top-tier experience from start to finish!

Ezugi’s Comments

The team at Ezugi certainly seemed excited to launch the game. Kfir Kugler, Ezugi’s CEO, said the goal of Blackjack Salon Privé was to spoil players. He said this game will be Ezugi’s jewel, and that they are thrilled to offer it to high rollers. Mr. Kugler says players will feel like the most important person in the room playing this game. He says Ezugi is looking forward to launching this product and hopes to see it become a grand success.

The Future of Ezugi

We were somewhat concerned about Ezugi when Evolution acquired them in 2018. Fortunately, the team was able to continue operations independently. New ownership meant more resources, which Ezugi used to expand into many new markets. The team had aggressively expanded into Asian and Latin American markets. Given the team’s continued success this year, we expect to see them reach even more markets.

Additionally, the team is looking to leave an even greater footprint on the live casino scene. The team is going through a rebranding to give itself a sleek and modern look. It takes a bold and minimalistic approach for its visual identity. The team is also committed to launching fantastic releases. They also plan to remain a dominant influence on the market. If their future game quality is similar to Blackjack Salon Privé? We will have no complaints.

Until Ezugi completes their rebrand, all we can do is enjoy their games and see what the future holds. Rest assured that the livecasino24.com team will keep you updated on any new developments with this software provider. In the meantime, high rollers looking for a true VIP experience should check this game out!