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Every year, the whole gaming world looks forward to the biggest event in London: ICE. this year was a record-breaking event. Over 35.000 people saw more than 650 companies present their special products to the world.

When it comes to live casino games, this is the place where the best providers show what they have in store for us. So did Evolution, leading company in the live casino world.

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer of Evolution, presents Funky Time on ICE 2023
Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer of Evolution, presents Funky Time on ICE 2023

Funky Time Live is their next top product

Evolution announced that they will be presenting more than 100 new games in 2023. This includes products for Big Time Gaming, NetEnt, Ezugi, and other companies that they have acquired in recent years.

The game that got the biggest attention of all the visitors is the game that should become bigger than Crazy Time. The name of the game? Funky Time Live.

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What is Funky Time Live by Evolution?

There are some similarities with Crazy Time, we won’t deny it, but we think Evolution improved the game. The company made some more interesting bet options and bonus games. The players will have a different feeling playing Funky Time Live compared to Crazy Time, and we think it will be an even better feeling.

The Money Wheel

Again, the big money wheel plays a dominating role. A live host, that presents the game, spins the money wheel On this wheel are 64 segments. 12 Segments are reserved for Bonus games. The other 52 are filled with other bets. The good part is that there are 24 segments that have a payout of 25x. These are the segments that spell the words: P.L.A.Y., F.U.N.K, and T.I.M.E.

All three words are mentioned 2 times and you can bet on each letter. When you hit it, it will pay you 25x, possibly multiplied by a random multiplier each round.

The Bet Options in Funky Time

The Bonusgames

Just like Crazy Time, Funky Time Live has 4 different bonus games. Two of these bonus games are interactive, the other 2 are the same for every player.


When the money wheel stops on the bonus BAR, the host takes you to a virtual bartender. Every player that placed a bet on this bonus may now choose one of 3 colors. The robot fills three glasses. The fuller the glass, the bigger the multiplier. After filling the robot tops one glass with an olive, which also gives an extra multiplier. Let’s hope you choose the right glass.

Stayin’ Alive

The bonus game Stayin Alive is a machine full of balls. Again, you must choose a color. One by one, the machine pops out a ball. The more balls of your color, the bigger your multiplier.


Now the fun begins. When the wheel stops at Disco, the game takes you to a virtual discotheque. Mr. Funky is dancing on the dancefloor. A DJ turns a small wheel with 4 different moves. The outcome is a step forward, step back, to the left, or to the right. Every new stap on the dancefloor means an addon to your multiplier. The bonus game ends when Mr. Funky falls off the dancefloor.

VIP Disco

This is the bonus game with the biggest multipliers. The bonus game is exactly the same as Disco, only with bigger multipliers. Huge wins can be made with this very funny bonus game.

Funky Time VIP Bonus
VIP Disco bonus game

Live in May 2023

Todd Haushalter mentioned in London that the game will be live from May 10, 2023. Online casinos that offer Evolution live games may present this most promising in their live casino lobby from that date. Maybe some casinos will have it exclusive a week earlier. If so, we will let you know.

Most attractive game 2023

After three very busy days in London, we think the most promising live casino game to be presented in 2023 will be Funky Time. It’s a funny, funky, and attractive game with some great music. We hardly can wait till May 10, 2023, to play it for real.