Get Ready for New Rugby Fever Roulette by Real Dealer Studios

Rugby Fever Roulette brings together two seemingly unrelated things in a creative manner. It provides the same roulette gameplay we all know and love without any extra bells and whistles. Rather than change what players enjoy most about roulette, the developers decided to use a different theme.

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We like the look of this game, but will it succeed in winning players over? Our team will leave no stone unturned as we seek the answer. Keep reading to learn all about Rugby Fever Roulette and whether it’s worth your time.

The Basics of Rugby Fever Roulette

Instead of the usual classy venues we’re used to, this title takes place in a rugby bar. Real Dealer Studios brings back Sarati and Dave, allowing you to choose who narrates your gameplay. That’s not the only visual choice you get in this live casino game. You’ll also be prompted to select your country between several rugby powerhouses: England, New Zealand, Italy, Argentina, and Ireland. That will change the bar’s background decorations, like flags and jerseys.

Rugby Fever Roulette follows the same rules as European Roulette. It has a 97.30% RTP and uses a single zero wheel. You place bets by putting coins down on random positions on the grid. Depending on how the coin is positioned, you play different wagers. After betting ends, the wheel spins until the ball stops in one of the pockets. Predict where the ball will end up, and you receive the appropriate cash prize.

Rugby Fever Roulette Bonus Features

Besides regular bets, Rugby Fever Roulette offers players racetrack and neighbour wagers. The three available racetrack bets include Les Orphelins, Tiers Du Cylindre, and Les Voisins Du Zero. Each covers a different segment of the wheel.

Another extra feature Rugby Fever Roulette provides is neighbour bets. It places straight-up wagers on your chosen number and two adjacent numbers to its left and right. The racetrack highlights all positions you will bet on, giving you a general idea of what to expect. You can adjust how many adjacent numbers are part of the neighbour wager by using the plus and minus buttons above the racetrack.

If you want to leave it all to Lady Luck, Real Dealer Studios has one more ace up its sleeve: Random 3. Pressing the button will place coins on three random numbers on the betting table. Random 3 will only select unoccupied positions.

The game has a special bets tab that lets you try out a variety of wagers. This menu also allows you to favourite specific stakes, enabling you to pull them up at a moment’s notice.

Last on the list is an in-depth statistics page. It shows the winning numbers and colours for the past 250 rounds, hot and cold numbers, and much more. It’s useful for serious gamblers who want to exploit every advantage.

Is Rugby Fever Roulette Worth Playing?

While we enjoyed our time with Rugby Fever Roulette, it did ring a little hollow. Not too long ago, games like Playtech’s Football Roulette showed a great way to mix sports and European Roulette. You could see the results of various matches as they were happening and discuss them with other players and the host.

If you were coming into this hoping for something similar, we will have to disappoint you. Real Dealer Studios games use pre-recorded footage, meaning the same atmosphere is impossible. Instead, the studio makes up for it with a unique backdrop. Depending on your chosen country, the flags, jerseys, and pictures visible in the background change.

If you’re in the small niche of players who love roulette and rugby, this title will be right up your alley. The game’s numerous bonus features also make it an attractive pick for roulette fans who aren’t all that crazy about rugby. If you enjoy European Roulette, this title should be on your radar.

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